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Match out. We'll move over to smackdown here. Bianca bel air and bailey. First thoughts on bianca's progress as a baby-faced might my issue with her time on a lot. Is i don't think she changed her act enough from when she was deliberately doing things to get heel heat and then she was a baby face and she's doing the same things i am the st and sort of the over the top cockiness and all that it can work with some people in certain ways. I don't think it was working with her. Especially then when they introduced more humble beginnings and her dad falling off the couch and how relatable she was in other ways. I didn't think they had found the grew for her. I still think it's been a work in progress. And i think they're aware of it because she's being scripted to say she's acknowledging people find my cockiness off pudding but you don't know my story and people said i was masculine or couldn't do this and i did. I still think there were. They need to be but she is so her her like i love the term. Coal used external charisma to apply to across all these things to promotion does to boost up. What is otherwise as coal is claiming as a sort of brittle overrated package As a top act. Bianca doesn't need external charisma. She just has a very natural charisma. So what do you think about what they're doing with her. And and how how. That characters progressing. It's it's not to tell you the truth progressing quite as quickly as i would have thought that it would have you know i that that again. That's not to say it won't. But i would have thought that like she would come off of wrestlemainia kind of run smack down and i haven't found that to be the case yet. I mean as a matter of fact. I if any one is i feel like bailey is doing beyond the best working her career. I've been bailey has over the years. Just become this sort of all around all tools player. That is just so i find phenomenally. Good at this stuff you know. I think it's good right person to working with bianca at this stage to think perfect i to work against this each i think that she she cares about the betterment of bianca which i think is important you know. She sees the attention. Being a blair has and maybe that wrestlemainia moment was so special that it's almost better to slow down and then kind of get the engine going again like you're not instead of you know i. It's just it's a tough level to perform it in terms of making moments. You know all that said i. I feel like well. You know i mean part of me feels like it's not the time to take the title off bianca. Bel air but part of me thinks that it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world have bianca chasing bailey because and maybe get another. Get another moment of her at summerslam. It'd be a different moment but it would be more of a traditional wrestling. He'll conquer Baby-faced conquering he'll moment. I think that sasha banks was not a real billing going into wrestlemainia. Everybody knew how special that moment was. Now special that match was and everything. It wasn't the same as as you know some somebody coming in here and trying to spoil that for you. Which is what bailey could be. So i wouldn't be opposed to bailey. Taking the title off of her just so people could be reminded of how much they like. Bianca belair fellers story is people not believing in her but she succeeds at a high level and wins all the trophies. I mean you kinda wanna have or not have to explain that to people and say believe me. This was a struggle. Even though when you look at her you think everything must have come easy like. That's i'm the st. And i'm the best and i'm gonna tell you over and over again and i'm going to throw my hair and and have a million dollar smile and i'm champion quickly and headlined wrestlemainia how most people relate to that like people like greatness. But i don't think they like greatness that doesn't handle it with with some knowledge of their journey and some humility that where they don't need to. It's like bud grant coach in this sort of making a long time. Said you know. When you score a touchdown act like you been there before Right and and so for her to actually for fans to witness a struggle a setback and having to overcome could really help her character and it could help her story from fan standpoint but it can also help her develop her promos which i feel for her how does she go out there as champion already and most people i guess he's twenty four but she's in her thirties but like her her journey so fresh and she looked so young and is seems to have come so quickly. I think it would be good for her to live through having to convey a struggle to get back to the top. Because i think fans would re would more relate to her if she did have some moments of doubt and that the fans were there to kind of give her a boost be part of getting back to the top. It's sort of feels like i'm the best in now. Recognize it as opposed to. Let's let's go on this journey together. Which i think drew got to tell that story more. Yeah no i agree. Yeah i think that I think that part of the way you do the esp thing and still manage to be likeable is the sort of like. It's not bragging if it's true and that means you have to prove that it's true but that doesn't mean.

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