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Welcome to episode one of the eat this not that podcast i'm john hammond days and zenko and we have a real simple goal here we're going to take a fun informative looked at how americans eat because we do we we make more than three hundred food decisions every day you this not that makes it easier for you to make the right choice every time you do will show you how small changes can make a big impact celebrating fun facts about the subject we love boone drink that's right i certainly not that brand in two thousand and seven nobody really cared about what was in their food no calorie count some menus noone knew there were three doughnuts worth a sugar and their spaghetti sauce or a family size to reito's bag worth a sodium in their soup and to underscore just how important all this is you know it it should be noted that dave is actually the author of twenty new york times bestsellers and twenty near times bestsellers later i'm proud to say that we've actually change the way america eats yeah i also speak 18 different languages the problem john is i i speak them all at once but yeah these this book are what they were intended to do is show how you could easily strip away ten twenty thirty pounds or more without sacrifice by making simple swops our website eat this dot com helps millions make the right food choice every time you never going to go hungry and you're going to live your happiest healthiest slave now getting to those many food choices a lot of us make the same choice every day when we get up and since this is episode 1 it only seems appropriate to dive into the thing that most of us think about first thing in the morning coffee i actually believe that i start thinking about coffee before i wake up you and i are definitely not alone on that it or not sixty four percent of adults in america are coffee drinkers now what does that mean it means that drinking at least one cup a day and hear some more i opening stats the average coffee drinker in the us drink.

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