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And Tony is the chief experience officer for the company. In other words, he's one to get out there lets people know about the company. And this company has been growing rapidly. It's an interesting conversation I had with Tony when I first met him or there after we had a drink together and talk about some things here. Actually, I had a drink. I don't think he was drinking. But The conversation was about the growth of the company. And how do you take a company that does custom firearms and expand that toe where it's growing rapidly? And Tony, You won't talk about the company a little bit and where you guys were going and what your plans are, and also somewhere in there told people how they could get in. To your company and purchase a product from them. If there's stores they can go to or do they have to order and so on and so forth. Yeah. Love it. Thanks for the opportunity, so we started. You know, this company's been around for about 26 years. We're really primarily focused on the competition shooting industry, Which is the action shooting sports such as us, say idea, if sick and even multi gun, So when you think about competition, you know, when we say the word competition, you hear the word race, And then when you think about race, you associate that with race cars, race, motorcycles and racehorses and, ah If you think about a race car, there's one guy who drives a car, and there's about 40 people that make that car run. So that term, you know, competition. A race is very, very polarizing. And we've known for years that our guns air just so easy to shoot, which is why they were so popular in the action shooting sports. When I first came the company, I looked at the boss and I said, Hey, what's our messages that we make the world's best shooting hangout? They looked at me. He goes well, that's pretty strong in it. And I go prove me wrong And really we nobody can, Because when you shoot our platforms, I don't care who you compare us to the 21 platform is just a much easier gonna shoot. So how do I take that technology? And how do I put that into be all inclusive, Not exclusive, Allow everybody to be able to shoot better. And so we really focused in 2019 on the biggest needs of the industry, which is personal protection, home defense and the tactical operations world. So one of things about that competition stigma attached. Your fireman. People think it's finicky. It needs special ammo. Special gas. You know all these things that would polarize that product brand. We started putting our guns in the hands of operational guys. Veteran special operations guys. Police officers throughout the United States and these guys were coming back every single time saying, Where is this gun Been my whole life. I would have carried this for 20 years. When I was an operational guy. We picked up the U. S Marshal Special operations group with their entire unit adapted. The staccato toil on platform is the primary. And the secondary platform, and the performance was so high that change in their performance. To quote the leader of that team, he said. Before we got sick, Otto's 5% would be in the 98 percentile he goes now 5% are out of the 98 percentile, so they had to change their entire calls. Just because the fact is, I mean, he looked right at me. He just shook his head. He goes. Yep. He goes. I gotta change it. I go. I guess, man, everybody smoking these quality because I don't feel like I'm pushing him and they are probably the most accurate federal agencies, a cz faras handguns and accurate fast. I mean, really, really. They spent a lot of time on the range. And so we did that We took that product that brand brought it out to the secular world. As I call it, the non The non competition world and brought it into the people that do this for a living, and I are going to be exposed to the most stressed that the most important time of your life, give them something they can shoot. Better shoot faster and depend on and there's the staccato 2011. Now. Is it true that when you sell guns to either police forces or military so forth, you have to tighten the trigger up a little bit actually, or loosen it up for reduced our increased the poundage to the pool, and in other words, My competition. Guns your gun, £2 sub £2 competition gun book triggers on. Then you go back to the Glock and got six and £7. These cops were coming off of blocks. What do they do when they get into £2 triggers? Are you changing that? For them. That's a great question. So it depends on the department is one of the great things about the 27 platform as we can make modifications and our manufacturing to be able to meet the needs of the unit or the department. And we have had that we've had on most divorcee looking. Our platforms are carry guns and our tactical guns like our staccato see to whether it's to do or the standard option or staccato P. Those guns are coming in at about a £4 trigger. And there is a difference. You know, our £4 trigger and Glock Glock £4 trigger, or £64 trigger a totally different animal. Just because of the way we we do the triggers. We manufacture the parts for the triggers. It's just so much crisp and clean. In the break point, you'll hardly notice it and, of course, putting a pound of the effort to power competition trigger to carry a gun. Or a tactical gun is a little bit risky because you gotta factor in gloves. You gotta factor in all these different things that that could affect your sensitivity at the trigger finger level, And the last thing we want to do is have somebody Shoot the target that was not intended because that that's bad press all the way around. I have to admit when I first got mine with those type of triggers. There was one or two times that somehow a bullet went off the top of the target that I didn't remember pulling the trigger for right. Ma'am. It's just it's amazing. But yeah, the £4 trigger on the staccato P is still very, very crisp and what's really nice about it? Not only is it Chris It's a straight draw back. There's no there's no ho what he called pull up or, you know, lag before you kicked the wall type of thing. Words in that blockages like this long, long, long long you're like, Are we there? Are we There? We there. Should I send out a letter? Can I call someone boom? You know Yes, that Yeah, that's you know, it's it's there's two parts to the second part of your question about you know, we do have a Web site. We have an entire network of dealers throughout the United States. All that Information is on our website. We also do have if any of your listeners or people out there listening to show besides a regular listeners. We do have a hero's program and the Heroes program is designed specifically, Obviously, we're a veteran led company..

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