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And in power politics and i'll pay you is what a waterhole is in a jungle are it does it look for plenty of trouble n eight the weather wet the bombay and how it the molotov that he can't stop waco from reporting in advance what some diplomats are trying to skopje on a third world war now which afford of himself as a journalist but readers didn't think of him as a journalist did they not think of as a journalist because he didn't actually practised journalism i'm did he employed the sorts of rules the sourcing that we expect and trust in journalism there was some reporting i mean he did things that most gossip columnist today did not do for example he covered the war and got inside information from the roosevelt administration about war planning he was very close to j edgar hoover so we got a lot of items from the fbi although truth be told he gave more items to the fbi then he got from the fbi but because there was this kind of transaction between windshield and government there was a certain degree of sourcing that even socalled reputable reporters didn't have access to because he had changed the balance of power among the famous he was more powerful than they were he needed them but they needed him even more what you've described was unquestionably true but that balance of power has changed over the last i would say you know thirty years or so with the media once held the power you needed the media now the celebrity has the power that changes the relationship of the gossip columnist to his subject and frankly changes the relationship of the reader to the gossip column.

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