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Quite often. Dairy so lactose and Milk protein gets really confused, so people often confuse with what's lactose intolerant and what's COSMO protein allergy and there's quite a few different types of cosmic protein allergy as well so the immediate dairy allergy that often hear about in the news where he child consumes food product with milk protein, and they might have an immediate allergy, so say within two hours of product they might break into hives. There might have rashes and in very. Very severe cases they may have difficulty breathing, and so on an terms of a delayed caswell protein allergy where the the symptoms may present. Longer than two hours from eating food product with counseling protein present that could be things, persistent constipation X. Small. The hats difficulty with growth reflux. It could be you know you might see babies with back arching. You know very persistent crying and it's not say one symptom in particular. That, we look at it really a series, a combination of symptoms that we would look at review in order to help with a diagnosis, and with these delayed castle approaching allergies. You can't really test can't do blood, testing or skin prick testing to create a diagnosis, so you can make it a little bit complicated to get on. Top of you know what what is going on. Does my baby or child have a delay Kuzma? Protein algae in terms of a lactose intolerance is really got nothing to do with the protein that's found in dairy products like. COW's model cheese. Yogurt and things that it's about the milk sugar called lactose, and that's present in all dairy products, but with the case of some individuals some suren they may not be able to absorb. All break down lactose that's found in some dairy products, and so what happens is that it can cause a lot of abdominal discomfort, and it can cause diarrhea now it's very unusual for say in Caucasian parents. Ought children should I say? For there to be a problem with lactose intolerance often. Children present with some of the symptoms that have described it probably going to be cosmo protein allergy, but it is still very possible. Day is say after a period of illness guest riders for example that in the short term sometimes children can have difficulties managing lactose that's found in car, smoke or yogurt, and things like that, but that's usually just very very short time.

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