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We played a couple seeds and one in the USFL one with Tampa. He 60 playing with Tampa. No, we're the point where they're told him. This future would be in Tampa forever and venue Tester Verdy is their target. They want him this a quarterback, So we went to Tampa and said, Look, Um you told us would be forever. We're not just being traded where you want to go where you want to send them. Wolf figure out the trade ourselves. And he felt that there was something so inherently great about. Well, first of all, Bill Walsh told us Joe Montana was going to retire because in fact was so bad. Um That really worked out. Well, you know, I've lived in the bear. I'm living in Berkeley. I never ever ever would have wanted someone to follow Joe Montana and do with them. I knew he was tonight on So, um, we thought well, Montana actually has to retire, but long story short. Uh, so it was being in that system, so we're sort of Ranger trade. And San Francisco paid a lot of money, but they didn't have to give up a lot because we didn't want to cripple the team uses going to and then we assumed he would start from the start. And then, uh, Law school. Yeah, he had to find various things to occupy a sign because His presence made Montana the most competitive he's ever been, and he had great years on Al Davis. I loved Al Davis. Um, I had a house in Berkeley and he used to call me like I could tell what time it is because the camp a neatly by the campus, bring the time he got off on the swallow fart and then one apartment to apartment. Most of the discussion would be about world history politics, and he had read a lot of history and He was very focused, and we would talk about politics and books and culture and everyone so all about football, but he had It's incredible ability to pick up information. Because he was constantly on the phone, so he was better informed about everything happening about in the league and everything happening on every team. Then you could believe Did you ever have to negotiate with him? Mia. Darrell Russell, Right, Your hamburgers. Yeah, That's right. No, that was Bruce Allen and lets the Desmond Howard No. That was probably Bruce. Helen to, um hurt Marsh. No, they had negotiators. So What I thought Woz. This is crazy to have agents versus teams when we're really together. Have one God, which is built the brand and drive revenue into the sport, so we shouldn't be having ugly negotiations. I should help owners figure out how to use the Internet. How to do an NFL network had to get a big TV contract, and that was my focus. So when I would Come to somebody like Al, I would almost speak as if I was his agent for or adviser because the better teams did that Doesn't leak did the better football dead? The better my players would do. Another player. He got a contract with and it was pretty painless. You know where the negotiation with the 40 Niners? I don't know. Peroxide that or not, but Jeff Wilson Jr and just what do you know what a young man he is getting to know him the last couple of years. Les and he battled in all that ankle injury was stubborn to heal this year, but he ran for 600 yards the lead the 40 Niners. He scored 10 touchdowns. He's obviously been strong, but I think his future is even brighter. Tell me about your relationship with Jeff Wilson Jr. Well, he's great. Last year At this time, I went to Jeff Wilson Junior day in his hometown, which is sort of like an East Texas. And if you've never had an experience like that they do a parade. The whole town comes out is smaller town. But you saw how loved he was by so many people. He's genuinely warm person with the charitable heart and Remember, we were trying to figure out where to sign into the one drafted and when the 40 Niners called, I said, um, I need to talk to John Lynch. You represent, but it's right. And so I knew he would When you're.

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