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Lights on it do. Yeah. That's how the clippers. The lakers. That's the show. Yeah. Okay. One more boys. One more before Carmen year, come down for cross talk as we know. A good kicker is certainly hard to find. But it seems as if the Atlanta Falcons are ready to risk it Matt Bryant who will be forty four next season said that the falcons told him that they plan on releasing him shot or no shot. Matt Bryant should be the bears next kicker. He can't he can't be any worse than what we had. But that's not what you're looking for. He was one of the most reliable kickers in the NFL last year. He hit ninety five point two percent of his field goal attempts. He went twenty of twenty one he made four or five from fifty yards or longer. He hit thirty three of thirty five extra point attempts. I think I heard I did hear as a matter of fact, I heard Tom Waddle who played the game in the NFL Bryant missed three games. He only played thirteen games. I was wondering why he only at twenty one field goal during. Yeah. That's not a good thing for a kicker to have a hamstring. What Waddell said his kickers aren't supposed to miss games. Kickers are not supposed to miss games. They don't get it. That's a fair point. You should be healthy. They're not supposed to miss games who think about it. His two previous years in sixteen. Thirty seven field goal attempts in seventeen he had thirty nine field goal attempts. He was thirty four for thirty nine for eighty seven percent last year. He was twenty four twenty one. What's going on? Not get in. Atlanta Falcons were tremendous offensive team this year. Right. You would think he'd get were. They just not in field goal range. You just decided not to try that often. It's a no shot. He did miss two extra points this year. They're going to have different kicker. I just don't think. So I will point.

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