Jefferson, Portland City Hall, Steve discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Fourth in Jefferson has streets around Portland city hall shut down and we're seeing heavy traffic both ways and IT for between I five and Cesar Chavez Gail Cunningham KTX traffic now K. to weather brought to you by standard TV an appliance we are now back in the damp weather pattern for this first part of the week look for scattered showers possible this afternoon skies will remain mostly cloudy daytime highs dropping back down into the mid seventies cloudy tonight showers or drizzle possible lows in the sixties tomorrow mostly cloudy with a chance of drizzle high near seventy six degrees I'm Rhonda Shelby watch Steve done endeavor nap tonight at six only on Katie news do you wait for you go to get the news whether you need from eleven ninety but he made those comments we are where we are because people light casing have not push back ever for I don't know how long and it for it if it illustrates once again why trump is president and why his support is continuing to grow is because he's the only one taking the lead on this stuff pushing back against these people who win tend our country harm why did not push back on that why do we have to respect opposing points of yours and being generally about it when they're trying to undercut the very foundation fabric what the country is we don't have time to worry about whether some people understand that or not they have to be shown that's what trump is there is a great job I think of illustrating who these people are and he's doing it as usual.

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