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Tonight. Several developing stories as we come on the air the first results set to come in the massive turnout across this country. Millions of Americans voting in the midterms the first exit polls Justin tonight would Americans are already saying about President Trump even the president saying pretend I'm on the ballot and the images tonight the crush of voters at one place using flashlights at a school gym trying to cast their votes give the door the other news this Tuesday night, the plot to blow up the New York City subway, right under New York's Times Square the video never seen before at the verdict now in tonight, the father and husband accused of killing his wife and two little girls. The girls bodies found in oil tanks tonight with the breaking headline in the case. The apple alert unfolding tonight. The thirteen year old of -ducted outsider. Home would at thority said late today deadly tornadoes, the severe storms hitting up and down the coast reporters talking about this dog left. Amidst the wreckage the homes. Destroyed after the tornado hit driver who allegedly crashed his truck to a group of girl scouts what investigators have now revealed tonight and coming home, the return of a fallen hero. Major Bren Taylor beloved mayor husband and father of seven what his wife said today. From ABC news election headquarters. This is ABC world news tonight with David mule. Good evening from ABC news election headquarters here in New York City. There are several developing stories tonight, and we begin with the mid terms, of course, and the exit poll results already coming in right now, so many races razor thin tonight. Massive turnout coast to coast look at this line inside a gym into kelp County, Georgia in Houston. Look at his lines out the door and in Saint Charles county, Missouri lined up since early this morning tonight. The first clues those first exit polls, just and these are preliminary results tonight voters were asked do you approve of the job? President Trump is doing forty four percent said they approve fifty five percent saving disapprove president's job. Did they vote today to send the president of message? And here's what they said. Twenty six percent said they voted to show their support. Thirty eight percent say they voted to show their opposition to the president and thirty three percents at the president did not figure into their vote. We know so many issues in these state races were local look at this tonight. When asked which one of these four issues is most important healthcare by far top the list at forty one percent immigration. Twenty three percent followed by the economy and gun policy. So let's get right to our chief national correspondent Matt Cup. In our tired team crossed the country tonight, Madison Santa Anna, California. And I know they're processing the ballots right there behind you tonight. That's right. And they're expecting eight hundred thousand ballots just to go through this facility, the fifth biggest in the country, and the supervisor here tells me that voter turnout has been so intense that people coming to vote in person of come out in greater numbers than they have in any presidential election. David, and that's one reason we're seeing lines of ninety minutes or more just outside the door here. They started lining up at dawn in high school gyms in doylestown, Pennsylvania parking garages in Atlanta, where people waited more than three hours to vote in Knox county, Tennessee, the power went out so poll workers pulled out their flashlights..

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