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Independent thoughts independent life this is Chad Benson Brooks concert yesterday Anna Michigan hello you guys don't know what Michigan is it's a state that's a battleground state and Michigan has a football team not a very good one they're called the Detroit Lions at the Detroit Lions most famous player was a guy by the name of very very Sanders yes sticking with me here right Barry Sanders trump magna Michigan country music here where I'm going with this famous player Barry Sanders Garth post a picture of himself with the Jersey that says Sanders people online being absolutely moronic and stupid showing their stupidity freaked out because they thought he supported Bernie Sanders so well there is a P. in both their first names one of them was arguably the greatest running back in the history of the NFL the other one is a seventy eight year old socialists but they happen to share the last name Sanders and people lost their minds it shows you how easy it is in this day and age two absolutely spread false stuff to do things like that because people are so stupid that they will believe anything it is just absolute they tore him apart and it's like if you have to come out absolutely not understandable to football cheers if you have to come out and explain yourself to everybody it boggles the mind it does I think of myself are you serious no I like he was training them when when when I go looking like it was on tour and sure enough I looking like the first thing I see is like a spurs as very senators I didn't think to myself but to see some of the Haiti got all my god people are so stupid and we've given a platform to be stupid right we've handed them essentially of social microphone and we said Hey your the idiot here's a bullhorn and a platform spread the news spread the news and they have been three two three five three twenty four twenty three at seventeen shows your Twitter tweet at me you can text the program as well love hearing from all of you speaking of idiots I'm gonna say that this couple right here shoot for idiotic I'm gonna say that and I'm also going to go out and say I have a feeling are you ready for this alcohol was involved you were arrested for second degree murder there is probable cause tears share a side of the story she and her boyfriend George Torres junior we're putting together a puzzle while drinking Chardonnay wine they decided to play a game of hide and seek now if you listen to the lady who's doing the report my assumption is at least a pack or two a day if you listen to what's going on but Chardonnay wine probably out of a box put together a puzzle these are adults it's not over though the funds just beginning kids and everybody a lot closer what state do you think it is and anyone for moon told investigators Torres willingly got into the suitcase they were laughing when she zipped it up but because to George's fingers were able to stick out of a suitcase thought he could get out so she went to bed woke up the next morning and found her boyfriend right where she left him in the suitcase debt so Mr Taurus gets into it willingly right supposedly so you sit around and you drank in and you said your self self I'm gonna put myself in a suitcase which let's be real people get a little liberated to go crazy they think they're doing some fun yes there's a lot more to the story there is because what do dumb people love to do we just talked about I love the broadcast affinity globally also like if you're an idiot Hey this is great there's a reason people die taking selfie right there it's it's not over so she said she woke up is it oh my god I can't believe that happened the hold on a second there's a twist yes but the video investigators got off balloons cell phone tells another story in the video deputies here Torres inside the suitcase saying I can't breathe your book reply yeah that's what you do when you choke me and that's what I feel when you cheat on me one of the last images on the phone was video of George pushing on the suitcase in an attempt to get out because when you're stupid you say self let's fill this I want there to be evidence of my stupidity they can be held against me criminally as a just in case maybe for memories I don't know why do people do that no idea so what if we put together Florida abusive couple who've attacked each other on numerous occasions the most important part of all this besides of Florida and a toxic couple is what alcohol member they're drinking Chardonnay probably out of the box so what's the autopsies an autopsy done on Torres showed he had injuries bruises to his shoulder into his head Boston live and long senior male scratches down his back court today the judge ordered will be held without bond you can't see that was my shocked face shocked face I don't get it I see it all the time right once or twice a week what do we get we get somebody who does something that's criminal but they have to do it in such a way as to Facebook live it as the Instagram at and then they're like totally shocked your your shocking this this right here is everything you need to know about shocking thirty one year old drilling Esparza described by bear county sheriff Javier Salazar as a professional car thief he just happen to be driving through the neighborhood saw a vehicle that was running out and drove off he was expecting to see a one year old in the backseat as far as the dump the truck and child off at a fast food restaurant a few blocks away Souter said the order had been warming up his pick up including his kids inside as far as the thief called a warning he asked us to pass the message to the public that's why the people should not leave vehicles unattended with doors open like that in the keys in the ignition Esparza told investigators that if you have more people he could have easily stolen twelve cars that morning maybe she franchise I don't know I'm just thinking I think outside the box here but I love the fact that he's giving a PSA everybody Hey kids adults parents you can do us all a solid leave your car unattended without a child and it right because that's a lot of hassle for us just like you and I love how he's professional card you put that.

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