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And 68 Weeks sports leader. They got a real good team You can see from the record. They've been doing it a number of years, you know, gone again, Sean a lot past just being in this division is a coordinator and stuff like that. When he's that Carolina They're very well coached. Very sound. They have a lot of talent there on defense and on offense, starting with their quarterback to some of the players that have on D. I mean, it's not a surprise at all. Why they Have such a good record, and that's why they're gonna probably be continued here. Throughout the rest of the season s O. We got a huge challenge ahead of us. Said his Kyle Shanahan. He's gonna challenge as far as being Arizona. But obviously it's big game tonight against the Buffalo Bills. Bottom of the hour here from John Lynch for a few minutes to let you in on some of the things and All the moving parts as far as moving to Arizona for the next few weeks is concerned. But let's look back real quickly because we talked last week, guys about getting healthy and it was great Having where he most hurt. He was good 16 for 43 touchdown. That was nice. But Debo Samuel broke out 13 targets. 11 catches 133 yards, and he just seems to Dennis bring an attitude to this team. He's different. There's people after the game, saying it was better than DK Metcalf for better than a J. Brown. Some of these other second wide receivers It's just the 40 Niners just use them in a different fashion. Yeah, and he brings a whole different level, different layer to this to this 40 Niners offense and cow Shannon's play calling because, like you said, he's such a physical guy and he's a receiver, but he looks like a running back. I mean, given the ball in the backfield, jet sweeps bubble screens, tunnel screens. Anything at the line of scrimmage and he gets those yards. And if you if you watch him run, he never falls backwards. It feels like feels like he's always falling forward. And you can't you're not gonna take attack one with like, you know, with with the one arm tackle. He'll run through you Such a physical guy, and he runs with an attitude. You mind you even Anquan Boldin a little bit. He just runs He likes getting the ball you execute in space. Do you run you over, too? And I think with him being in there, and I think you guys think these two guys Brandon, I, you can and Deebo. I think they're superstars, their future superstars and NFL for sure. Their weapons that Kyle has chosen right, like he's got an opportunity down to pick guys that he can slot into his offense so that he can drop place for it. And Dennis just said it When you give people the ball at the offensive line when you give it to him at the line of scrimmage, and he can pick up speed and then get into the secondary, and you put it on defensive backs to stop him. He just bulls over these guys. It's George Kittle. Like when they dump it off to him and let him get vertical. The fear I have, and and Dennis and I were just discussing this a little bit off the areas. It's great when you have guys who are this physical guys like George Kittle guys like Debo, even where he most of this is kind of a physical runner. When he's getting the football on his hands. These guys get banged up, and it's sometimes tough to keep him on the field. And you can't tell a guided to not play the game the way that he plays, but that's sort of the given Take. I think with a guy like Debo Samuels. He's gonna second, avoid contact. He's going to run through guys on the defensive side of the ball. And when he does, guys here gonna get banged up But now with them getting everybody back, and obviously they're not getting Jimmy. They're not getting George Kittle back. But they're getting IU because they're getting Debo. They've got the full stable of running backs in the backfield. What kind of an offense to do you expect against these bills? I'll start with you, Dennis. Explosive. I mean, I think I think Mullins is a guy who needs a lot of weapons. Or I don't think Nick moment is gonna beat you with his arms because he doesn't have the strength to throw the ball down the field. I think he needs weapons and making these guys on the perimeter and Nick, you need to be poor. Detected, but I think he just needs guys around him. I think we saw last week that last drive the way he kind of moved the ball around, got it to his playmakers and let them make the place. So I think he's just got this week. He's gonna have even more you know, with with Brandon, I yuk in there and and long as you've got a running game, I think Nick Molins conduce well for you in the play action because he could make some of those throws. Some of those short throws sideline throws, but if he gets he could get some balls in the middle there, But he's like he's not gonna threaten the defense down the field. But if he's got a weapon I think you'd be all right. I think this is a team that Z not giving up tons and tons and tons of rush yards. But they have gotten beat badly A couple of times with the running game so you can put up points I think against the Buffalo bills. You look at some of the games they've had this year. I go back to that Seattle game. You know, Seattle's offense was electric early in the season, but they give up 34 points of that team. They give up 32 points a couple of weeks ago. So this is where I think you could get into a shootout with and you can beat him. Tyler Murray got him at the end of that game, right. The Hail Murray so You could have to set it up on the ground and then open up the short passing wins for Nick Mullins, but then comes back to what we just talked about. If you can get the ball into Debo Samuels hands at the line of scrimmage. He's tough for anybody to stop. Plus, I think what everybody's been talking about this week, too, is a Buffalo and they've had a good defense the last number of years. The offenses caught up a little bit with Josh Alan, but they are susceptible to the run game. So there's a lot of talk. And there you go back to devote Samuel back to full stable of running backs the offensive line. Called McKinnon's has another game under his belt. He went with Aaron Donald last week. And look, this is a good defensive front. I like Ed Oliver. I like Jerry Hughes. Mario Addison, I think is underrated. But this isn't This isn't an Aaron Donald front. So they have been susceptible against the run. And just so you know, just for tonight's game. They've got the full stable of running backs. They have my uke. They have Debo. It looks like they can. They can run the ball at these bills. Yeah, and and and that's what they're gonna have to do. I mean, you know, the run game is going to be super important. Like I said, to set up Nick Molins in his play action, and I think it's gonna be, especially on the perimeter and and, you know, Raheem Mostert, he's He's the man that that makes it makes that kind of go. But the run game is gonna be super important tonight for Nick for Nick Mullins is success so coming off of the bills coming off a game where the only allowed 76 rushing yards, but they've twice this year, give it up. Over 200 yards on the ground. We'll start again when they gave up 1 88 on the ground to the Patriots. So again, you're talking about having a stable of running backs. They run the ball without you two, and they'll run the ball. I think with Jeff Wilson Jr will get some nods. So you're right. You've got to take some of the pressure here often McMullen's last week he went out and helped you win a game. I know people were critical of how he played the first half of that game that even in the second half, he missed some throws, and he's going to do that. I think he's a backup quarterback. That's what we see. But what four or five on that final driving and helped him get the field goal range to win so Take the pressure off of him, which is what they do best. I think when they can establish the run early when they've run the ball 25 35 times a game they win. It's just not how it goes with the Niners. Absolutely, and that's you had it right in the head. Take the pressure off. Nick Mullens. Don't get those third and long situations. That's one of the ways and keep their offense off the field because Josh Ellen Trust in the number of games has been dynamic will come back and get into the front office coming up next John Lynch.

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