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Bill. Bill Connor still comes. I thought that was you. How you doing? Thanks for watching. Hey, now, don't you tell me you don't remember me? Because I sure as heck fire remember you. I had a chance Mad. Ryerson. Needle nose Ned Ned, the head come up, but in case western high, then Ryerson, I did the whistling bellybutton trick at the high school talent show, Bing. Ned Ryerson got the shingles real bad. Senior year almost didn't graduate being again. Men. Ryerson. I dated your sister, Mary Pat a couple times to you told me not to anymore. Well, Dead, Ryerson bang being sold. You turn pro with that bellybutton thing that are you know, Phil, I sell insurance. What a shock. You have life insurance. Because if you do, you could always use a little more. Am I right? Or am I right? Or am I right? Right, Right, right. Yes. I would love to stand here and talk with you. I'm not going to say Hey, that's all right. I'll walk with you. Too bad Not too bad. Here's the trivia about him from Wikipedia. He has a form of E S. P. He calls hearing tones. Working with David Byrne on his film. True Stories, he told burned about his gift who was inspired to write the song Radiohead about him. The band Radiohead took its name from this song. Ned Ryerson. You will be asked to provide the punchline to the following joke when we do speed jokes and 13 minutes. John Lennon had a secret art collection. Painted entirely in mob, lilac, violet and lavender. In fact, he wrote a song about it. For $400. What was the name of the song? John Lennon had a secret art collection painted entirely and mob, lilac, violet and lavender. He even wrote a song about it. What was the song called? That is a tough one Campers. Vicky. I'm counting on you to surprise everybody. Thanks. See how they go to speed joke That is hard to believe that, isn't it? It is a speech, Joe, coming your way. One last note here, the book I am reading it will interview the author. Next week is Rich Cohen. He wrote the book Pee Wee's Confessions of a Hockey parent. He also wrote monsters, The 1985 Chicago Bears. He wrote a book about the Chicago Cubs. He is a sports writer who now lives out east with his family, raising some kids. Here's a hockey dad, which he says is the craziest of all. Athlete parents. I was a baseball dad. I know a little bit about crazy. I think those of you that are volleyball. Moms and dads. If your daughter plays volleyball, you know about travel and crazy. I don't know if it's that way in soccer, but everybody who's in hockey says hockey's the craziest of them all. You all go through anything like that. I had a baseball and then football, so I didn't. I had never experienced the hockey dad. Yeah, My brother was in the hockey team. And he was. Yeah, Traveling was crazy, and it's expensive. Right? Vicky? I mean, not that you were paying for the great folks, but It's like thousands of dollars and long hours going to rinks at midnight. Yeah, it was It was definitely an experience. Your nose pressed to the glass mad at the coach that I love hockey, though I loved watching him. I'm into it Now. I'll tell you that, but I have no knowledge about this. And yet he the things he's saying about the parents. And hockey. I could relate to a little bit is a parent of the dead and they had one rule on his hockey team. And it was whatever your complaint is. You have to wait 24 hours. You can't talk to the coach for 24 hours. That should be universe. And after 24 hours, it's kind of gone or it sure is a lot better. What a good idea..

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