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Jeremy grater is anti editor's desk is take a look at some of the day's top stories, Texas governor, Greg Abbott is calling for prayers after the shooting of five police officers today in Houston, he called it. A horrific attack said it is a reminder of the service and sacrifice law enforcement makes every day. He's also promised to Houston police department, whatever resources they need. At least one suspect is dead. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says he doesn't expect US consumers to see higher prices at the gas pumps as a result of new sanctions on Venezuela. The Trump administration imposed sanctions today on the state owned oil company of Venezuela. The Justice department is indicting telecom giant China in a briefing today. Acting attorney general Matt Whitaker said while way conspired to steal trade secrets from T mobile. We need more law enforcement cooperation with China. China's should be concerned about criminal activities by Chinese companies in China should take action the indictment also alleges Bank and wire fraud ABC's, Mark Remillard, joins us on the KOMO Newsline from New York and tell us what else they're accused of doing Mark. Yeah. There's two parts of this. Two different in diamonds one out of a grand jury in Seattle in which they say, the department of Justice says that while way was involved in stealing trade secrets from T mobile specifically, they were interested in a robot named capi which is used by t mobile tests, their cell phones, they say that employees of way were involved in taking photos of that robot measurements even stealing parts of the robot. So that they could then replicate that on their own end without obviously having to go through the same kind of research and development. So it saves them time. And so they say that they are allegedly stole that than the other indictments came out of New York and involves the company allegedly going around. US sanctions on Iran by using basically shell companies essentially to continue using American financial systems being able to continue to conduct business in Iran. So these are very serious charges market is the US is seeking extradition of the wall way executive who I believe is currently in Vancouver BC is that part of this story. Yeah. That's the second indictment. So the second diamond names wall way names US affiliate, but it also names a company called sky com which way claims to have sold off. And this was this kind of alleged shell company that they were using to conduct business in Iran with, but it also names the CFO monologue show is her name and she was arrested in Canada in December. She's been released on bail. But now the US is trying to extradite her. And they say that although they have not filed a formal extradition request yet that is due by the thirtieth that they will do that. And they will sink. Seek to bring her to the US and face charges and commerce secretary. We'll barrages accusing China basically of breaking export laws US export laws for years now. Yeah, they say this goes back a long way, they say, so the the issue with T mobile goes back to two thousand twelve to twenty fourteen in which is when they were believing that they were attempting to steal this information about the robot from from T mobile, but then the issue with buzz circumventing allegedly circumventing US sanctions, and and continuing to conduct business and mislead banks all the other things that are charged with that goes back to as early as two thousand seven so they the the US from the commerce secretary Wilbur Ross acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker at the FBI director. They had some very stern words for how they feel that this company has been conducting business not only in what they say has been violation of US law, but just international business practices. They say that they've been violating those for a very long time ABC's Mark Remillard good enough to. Join us from New York, Mark. Thanks so much. Komo news time four twenty. Now. Your propel insurance money.

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