Israel, Pittsburgh, Daniel Wallace discussed on Sean Hannity


One Hey on a second there's there's twenty separate tracks we now have going on simultaneously for vaccines Israel they're moving into of trials a company in Pittsburgh they they've been able to do this quicker than another other companies there in the trial phase the governments in the trial phase you know look I I understand look for the treatment aspect you know what is it if you don't do no harm I'm look I think all of that is happening I just maybe you just want to just stick people with the virus and see if it sticks it's not it's not as simple as that these things are a little more complicated I'm I'm not so sure I would want to volunteer to get the virus right now for a vaccine but that but they know what they're doing but in the meantime that's why we deal with the army we have which is hydroxy Cork win which we pointed out over and over again the doctor there doctor Daniel Wallace says is safe and risks are now I hear what you're saying it just it feels like we're being way too cautious here I mean word of war you need troops on the front line who are willing to put their lives on the line to get this done now when when found she says it's going to be twelve eighteen months and then you read into what that twelve to eighteen months requires so that you're not asking people to risk their that's why these studies on hydroxy Cork when it just.

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