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Of the ACLU of New Hampshire because you're right when you get worked up about something and it's nice and quiet, and you're not sitting in traffic all the time you have time for board service. Sure. Okay. Now you are a law professor. I found a little snippet of footage of you teaching and I dug it. You seem to have some perverse traction to Improv comedians because I saw you do a parallel of why using some of the tools of improvisation. I've been doing it for twenty five years can't say the. Word that's what I say and it's always okay. So you found some some techniques Improv that you thought would be beneficial in the classroom and I kinda Doug that what brought you to that best thing. I. Did in college or even law school for that matter was be a member of an Improv comedy troupe and college I was of media gratification players also known as GP, which is one of at the time was one of two troupes at Harvard there may be more now, but it was us in ot sin ice and we were the cool troop but sort of that underdog way and. I absolutely loved it and hands down if the best thing that I did for law teaching for being an associate Dean for all of the above was learning that yes and mentality and you're saying inherent in law is no because that that's kind of where you start off as a lawyer no because blank and so very analytical. Yes and to that paradigm. And that's one of the things that makes it even more subversive and fund to bring the Improv mentality into the classroom or into anything else that involves law is like that is what lawyers do we get trained how to say no every which way till Sunday and then we say it sideways and we say smile, and then sometimes we say it with a frown bill you a lot of money. Added in six minute increments were really good at that and I love the ability of law to actually solve problems and be creative and iterative, and it is powerful in that regard introduce bonus where we get a boner every time we here in New York. Yeah we love and another aspect, and again having practiced Improv for so many years. One thing you brought up that never even occurred to me I mean clearly.

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