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Thousand one thousand okay, who is our new secretary of American Indian affairs or I'm sorry. Native American affairs bet. My the governor made another cabinet appointment today. I'm Beth Myers and the NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. New Senator and governor Kevin today tapped, former state Representative Lisa Billy of pursell to be his secretary of native American affairs. Lisa Billy served in a state house from two thousand four to two thousand sixteen and she now serves in the Chickasaw nation legislature. And this cabinet appointment does require Senate confirmation. Well for the second time in less than a week. No wanna county sheriff's deputy has been arrested deputy. Robert pop has been arrested for allegedly misusing the sheriff's departments gas card. He was putting gas in his own vehicle during search of his residence at the also found methamphetamine, it was last Friday a detention officer, Colin getting was arrested after authorities got a tip and found homemade explosives and drugs and illegal firearms at his residence, and there will be no plea deal. For a seventeen year old Tulsa, boy is charged with shooting and killing a broken arrow teacher and raping an elderly woman. It's what Tulsa county assistant DA Kevin gray tells the judge it happened during a status hearing for John James green whose trial is set to begin April. First greenest, charged as an adult. He was sixteen. When prosecutors say that he fatally shot teacher, Shane Anderson during October two thousand seventeen robbery spree and raped an eighty one year old woman. Greene has pleaded not guilty to murder rape and other charges and at least eight deaths now.

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