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Here with your Hawks free game is Chris Boden. Well was 5.5 years ago that the Tampa Bay Lightning We're just two wins away from a Stanley Cup only Be denied by the Black Hawk says they captured their third cup in six years. But it seemed only a matter of time for that Talented bolts team. But in a textbook example of how difficult it is to win the Stanley Cup, they swung and missed four more times before finally raising above their heads. September 28th after a couple of months. In bubble life. Tonight, they get to raise the banner without fans in Emily Arena, while the Blackhawks begin the next chapter and trying to build themselves back up to what the lightning now own and what they previously owned three times in those six years, they 56 game four month sprint of regular season starts tonight for the Blackhawks, the bolts and eight other teams. Good evening, everyone and Welcome to the Fanduel, Chicago Blackhawks pregame show. Living up tonight's contest between the Black Hawks and the Lightning in Tampa Bay. John Wadham enjoy Marie are standing by to bring you the call here in our WGN studios coming up in less than an hour, but let's dive into our Black Hawk story lines. It is January 13th, which is not only opening night this year, but Jeremy Carlton's birthday every year, And on the eve of his 36th birthday, the Blackhawks and Stan Bowman announced a two year contract extension through the 2022 23 season. Connor Murphy has been a Blackhawk for the duration of Jeremy's time here. It's a hard situation for anyone being coached stuff to step in mid season and then let alone with after cues such a Um, experience and big name and had so much success here and then on a team that has some older players to that are similar to his age. So I imagine that that would be hard, hard todos with and I think he's handled it well and definitely can see his comfort level and still has confidence in what he has to teach us and even teach those guys. Was older guys in our team, So that's a big part of of it. And imagine that was probably a hard hard thing. Toe come into, and and I think you know it really well as we welcome in Troy Murray from down the hallway again is that we said he and John continue. On the road games of the season, at least to start off monitors here in our studios. Jeremy still hasn't had a full normal season since he's taken over here after three Novembers ago when he took over and he won't this season, but his future has been removed from being, you know, potential distraction. He has certainly grown. We've all watched him in shown promise, as you know, now, unbelievably, he is the league's 14th current longest tenured head coach, and, you know now he looks to develop the players. The Hawks will continue to try to bring in under his watch. I think if you're Jeremy College in this is a real good move for the organization. You need some stability for so long you had you know Joel Quenneville here and everybody knew when she coming into the season. What to expect from Joe Quinn villain? And for Jeremy, you mentioned of you, man. It's been tough on him. You look at it. Ah, tough season When he comes in to replace Cube last year, the season was canceled or postponed. I should say this year's starting late and everything That's kind of gone into Jeremy Collins owns 10 Year here just hasn't been smooth, but it's a It's a big statement. I think from from the Blackhawks down Bowman and the organization That they need some stability. You need that same voice here. Give him an opportunity, especially some of these younger players coming in that they only know Jeremy College and they didn't know Joe Quinn Ville, so give him that opportunity. He's got a two year extension, which is good for him. I know that he's probably excited about that opportunity to continue on here as the head coach of the Blackhawks, and I think it's a real smart move by the organization. Yeah, And we know by now this unique schedule will be mostly played out in two games sets in each city. With a few exceptions, such as You know, the Hawks will host Tampa Bay for three straight home games. That's the lone exception in their schedule, but the league and the players they have to do what they must. Theo get a season in these continuing unique times. And that is something that lost on Connor is as he and his teammates prepared open against the reigning champs. Yeah, I'm excited to be finest. It's ah! Different year with this this alignment, So be cool Toe. Tonto, kick it off, And I think that's the game's all definitely mean a lot. Winner lose with each one of them. You're you're playing those teams so often that you gotta be able to take have Ah, lot of takeaways from the games and no, um How to take advantage of how to play against certain guys and certain matchups. So it'll be fun to grow within that way against each of the teams on obviously fresh field to go down and being in January, get some sun right away and in Florida and start out theirs is different than what we're used to. So it's a good opportunity for all of us. Well counter better not spend too much time in the sun. He says, Fair skinned guy, so we don't want him put on the air not allowed out of the hotel. Unfit unfit list. Do this, son. Burned, but Yeah, Detroit. It's the same seven opponents eight times each. I don't know if you could have stood Cindino sister really eight times in four months. But, yeah, you know, Nashville in Dallas, They're the only teams from the most recent makeup of the central who remain in there with the Hawks that many meetings against the same opponent over and over and over. That means we're probably gonna see some ill will between now and May 8th when the regular season wraps up, I hope so. E really do because that means that you're playing the right way and you're getting under the skin and you develop those rivalries by playing a lot of times. You know, back in the old days of the North Division. The rivalry was really established in the postseason. You played a lot of teams on a regular basis of division heavy schedule, but the rivalry was always developed in the postseason, and when you're going to play a team eight times It's going to be interesting to see how that rivalry develops. You don't have much of a anonymous city with the Carolina Hurricanes. You don't have that with Tampa with Florida, so you're quickly gonna gonna get used to that a little bit more. As you play into this season, especially with the back to back Sometimes three games in a row against the same team on bat will be a situation where players if they get hindered, feel that somebody's taken liberties, you'll take a number and wait your opportunity, and I think this is for a coach. It's going to be different as well. A lot of times. During A normal season. When you're only playing Tampa one time you might go over their power play their penalty killing, but you really kind of concentrate on what you need to do as a team to be successful, and that's against Tampa. That's against everybody else. But Like when you play a team in the playoffs. It's like you're going to play a playoff with these teams During the regular season, you will find that coaches will get more into the tendencies of the opposition team just because you're going to be playing him a lot more. On a regular basis, and I think that's kind of important when you factor in how these teams will prepare for one another when you're seeing town, but you really want to break down their game. You want to look at how they attack how they four check You wouldn't really normally do that to the level that you would this year s so there's a lot of factors going into playing a team that many times and certainly when you're playing that you want that animus the animosity. You want a little bit of hatred developed between the two teams and, you know, for your sake, taking a look at this is glass half full. It's good that you're here in the studios because the saves your four trips to Detroit, right?.

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