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Malcolm been furious. Wait look dolphins kill everybody. They're just a little further russian overboard so we heard this guy. I think we go to anders. Oh shit wait. What was that. Someone said man overboard go below someone saw it. No anders look serious. Now is okay so if we kill the kid we get caught immediately while hold on maybe whereabouts find something out. Maybe we didn't get caught because the kid we killed 'cause we they saw us push what's his face now the stewart. Yeah you know what it is. I think i think i was i. Was i read something. Where the major will is listening in on your room like he. He's like being nosy. When you first wake up so he hears you murdering him and then get suspicious and then looks. Probably what i'm assuming happens. Is there a way to kill the steward at any other point. I don't know there might be. I'm assuming you kill him when he comes in. But i guess not our senior free woolmer. Terry we'll try. Go car sir. All the major yeah. I know he's just not here yet. Okay gonna wait there. You can look around the deck and grab the earing carstairs stewart selena. Okay all right. Joe carstairs. oh good. That's what i did on my on. My good run immediately went up. There grabbed the hearing when back to my room. So no one cy young there. I always said it was glass. And then when he tried to push me on i threw it in the said clearly. Glass you now. I haven't done that one. That's so funny. That's funny okay. I like ster- by get it before he could talk to him and we're safe. Yes as martin minutes. And then i planned today on a girl's body in her room clarisa. I planted the earings there to like. She stole my earrings. It's been missing. 'cause court carstairs comes up and it's like what are you looking for. I can't find my earring okay. Well we failed guys who tried to murder everybody. We'll figure it out another time. But the game will as you as you can see mr car susan here because extraordinary semi seem this is valencia pushed him overboard. It wasn't i slipped the officer on deck. Saw you push him. I also reasonably god ship to murders. Damn oh okay. Well we suck okay. I ended the failed. I'm switching hair of on. Listen let's watch this. Watch this beautiful. Transient gripe with this game. It's beautiful. I mean absolutely daza trained vesting like one bit. I'm gonna do live..

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