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Sometimes a sense that the skies are brightening just means you know the the gray merck is dispersing a little bit. Doesn't mean it's actually you know bright tropical sunshine yet. So we're i think the least you can say about this period is we're in the moment where the gray merck is clearing a little bit case in point from the annals of pettiness new department on the show. Maybe lonely be this once. I'm going say this name. Maybe for the last time on this broadcast in the history of this broadcast but here we go from the national journal. One of donald and milania trump's final small acts in the presidential transition charitably. Gerald charitably described as grudging was descend white. House ushers home for the day wednesday morning. That left the new first family to fend for themselves. Upon entering according to several informed sources quote. The trump's sent the butlers home when they left so there would be no one to help the biden's when they arrived that's a well-placed official not associated with the biden team talking to the national journal the no-shows apparently included chief usher jimothy harlem sources familiar with what happened. Confirm harlot a former. Executive trump hotels hired by malania was summarily fired by the trump's before they left not as has been widely reported by the biden's harlot was shown the door before the biden's reached the door. Maybe the same door on wednesday afternoon for the first official entrance video of their arrival showed them waving photographers hugging for the cameras. For more than a minute longer than typical presidential photo ops before approaching the entrance with their family the heavy doors swung open from within about fifteen seconds later. According to a white house veteran social expert. I guess there are such things you gotta spend a lot of time studying the protocol to be one of those. Don't you think he anyway. That expert says quote. It's a big protocol breach for the president. Ever stand in front of a closed door at the white house unquote will it. It's like his house for awhile. Doesn't seem quite right animals pettiness as i say the gray merck is dissipating. Just a little bit. It's almost like sunshine itself. Hello welcome to the show. wow from new orleans. I'm harry shearer. Welcome you to this edition of the show. It's a historic week. I think you've been sort of marinating in that as have i as as everybody Marinating the relative silence imposed by twitter.

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