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I would like to tell you about the best friend. You never met the best friend you never met. Have you ever wondered about that? If there is anything ever happened in your life, someone caused something to happen. That was wonderful marvelous. And you really don't know who it was. It's an illustration. I liked to give to you. This happened many years ago back in the seventies in during that time. There was a famous evangelist on bourbon street called the chaplain and bourbon street. His name was Bob Harrington. He's gonna be with the Lord. Now you've been going couple years, but Bob is very famous for his preaching down on bourbon street and television shows and books and radios and things like that. Hey told the story about crossing lake Pontchartrain one night late in the morning, like two AM one A M two AM in the morning going from nor satellite. Pontchartrain Mandeville Louisiana down into New Orleans Louisiana at that time. There was a two lane bridge over lake Pontchartrain, and that bridge is twenty four miles loan and Bob said he was out in the middle of that bridge trying to make his way back home after meeting he'd been somewhere up in Louisiana. And as he got maybe ten twelve miles out on the bridge. His headlights picked up a man standing in the middle of the road. Bob confess that he was a bit apprehensive about stopping he didn't know what it was a robber or drunk or what it was. And he didn't want to stop. But he said the closer that he got the man and the Rhone began to frantically wave his arms trying to stop him in Bob said, he blinked his headlights on bright and tried to. To ensure to go around him, but demand moved also and would not get out from in front of Bob Carr and finally in desperate. Bob slammed on the brakes before you hit this, man. And he said you could hear this man screaming at the top of his lungs. Stop stop stop. Bob, cautiously got out and could see the man was in the great bit of distress and said what happened? What's wrong with wrong with you? Are you injured and the gentleman said up ahead, a barge has struck the bridge. A whole section of the bridge has collapsed into the lake and we were only bus that went off the bridge, and we need help. Please help us. And when Bob realize that his life was saved because the man that he didn't even know stood in the middle of the bridge and had the courage to stop him. He hugged him and said, thank you for saving my life. And they were able to get help. You need to consider that question today. Who was that guy? Who was he who was the guy that died in your place the bible talks about that? You know, the best friend. You never knew Jesus Christ. He provided for you. Something amazing. Just like this man provided for Bob this man, say Bob's life. One of the most talked about conversions in the history of the world one of the most time, and if you've mentioned this everybody knows who it is. And what it is about this is in Luke twenty three thirty nine. One of the criminals who hung there will Jesus. Remember there were two criminals one on either side of Jesus Christ Lord being crucified. So one of the criminals hurled insults at him and said, aren't you? The messiah save yourself and save us. But the other criminal rebuked him and said, don't you fear? God since you're under the same senate's that he is we are being punished justly for what we're getting what we did we deserve this. But this man is done nothing wrong. And then he said Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom and Jesus answered and truly I tell you today you will be with me in paradise. One of the most talked about conversions in history, the best friend this man had never met. That man Jesus Christ the noted son of God. Gave him a a life with a divan pardon. That day. Matter of fact, we have a book written called it a van pardon that deals with this..

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