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There was Lamont Johnson her ballots. Larry dobkin. Gerald more Wally Maher and this example, Harry Bartell. The case of the lost air is from April twentieth. Nineteen fifty one. Ladies and gentlemen, the ringing of that. Nero Wolfe Goodwin, speaking, Mr. Harris Cray Cray dismissed the crown. Oh, I see. Nine Horace Creole is secretary says he wants to talk to. Mr. Welsh rather busy right now. But give him a message if you wish. Yes. Yeah, wait a second. Black on red and red on black. So game when's he knows? Cheating gut named GD. Convey just that he wants to see. Does tragic unity wants to see me? He's blind. Jim here. Okay. What I wanna see wolf about a murder. A murder that may still be prevented Justice, what I have read the crime. Prevent it. Gentlemen. It's bat renown genius.

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