Bia Du, Indiana, RON discussed on BBC World Service


Third epoch and the people that you were looking at in this study had died at any age between fourteen and seventy nine as i understand exactly so you have a wide range of age groups and we would not expecting to find exactly the same number as most studies i in rodents and in non human primates had assured that after middleage neurogenesis decreases and we they weren't really studies in your that had attacked or let's say they had analyzed this particular kind of brains some studies have shown i had shown before that even older individuals where making kneeled on the the very first study was done in one thousand nine hundred eighty two using bia du and which is a molecule the gets incorporated in indiana when new ron's divide and that was the first time that it was shown that actually human membrane makes nuance and these people would not particularly young and and they were not held the nobody had really compared adolescence we've people in their seventies and eighties i mean close to a more stable if you would because i want to bring cat on this what do you make of this cat.

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