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And napoleon fears the the they're going to continue to do that but thinks that because the british all mia a nation of shopkeepers as he famously gold them they would be able to be pushed into making peace if they were cut houses of world trade his defeated the precious but now he's going to take on the russians it takes some time for them to get organized and get across all the way into your into germany but the battles their series the battles now in o7 we begin oh seven with the retaliation of the british to the continental system of percival i have spencer percival becomes prime minister leader of the new government he seems to have a and understanding of napoleon that isn't quite rational he she sees them what is the anti christ yes it it's a psychological disorder frankly am he sees him as the enzi christ and and has done for years rotate pamphlets in which he equated him with some sort of creature from the book of revelations in some frankly no this is uh this is not how normal british politicians behave the oh seven is going to be battles with the russians and series of victories for napoleon through oh seven were rising to his moment when he's in supreme control of the continent at the same time they're all these things going on around him he's a signing his his family to various crowns royals he's running them around is trying to promote them he's he's almost two men he's the corsican who cares for his family like a good putter familias and he's the emperor who is indifferent to the passions of of the european families that he's crashing through so let's crashed through allow an and freed land i did not know both those battles i allow in february freedland in june of eighteen no seven he's magnificent on the field against the russians are they an old fashioned army as well yes there very oldfashioned army but again rather light depressions they're about to learn how to change into an to adapts the the and the two.

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