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You're at the thirty okay. Maybe kick the field goal and then go defense. Maybe you're close to the end zone. Right there with aaron rodgers on top of that if you don't convert you got him backed up so you're given the ball the offense anyway in deep in territory and hopefully Hold three and out you get a punt you still feel position than to make another shot down the field this way you kick the field goal. You're giving him back to tom. Brady likely at the twenty five yard line or not. Further yep You know so. The field positions go on just can't do that. I mean if you have a rookie quarterback maybe he's gonna make a mistake. But i still don't even think you do it then. A packers fan. I'm pissed like that's that's just too. I'd rather get blown out than something like that. Honestly yeah i mean so forth down even okay so you even bring up the thirty yard line. I would have gone for it on the thirty there. Because you have aaron rodgers. You have davante adams. You have probably the best quarterback wide receiver combination in the nfl. This year via hot isley hottest combination. They are absolute money. I had i had weeks in fantasy. Football were davante. Adams carried my ass completely and nobody else showed up and i won games because he was that frigging on. The rodgers has three hundred. And what forty eight yards past three hundred forty six yards passing three touchdowns one interception. Why do you go for it on fourth down at that point you are playing to win the game. I know that is a quote from from from another coach but regal. Yes that is that is what you are. Therefore i was. That was herm. Edwards wasn't at the win the game. You know you don't that was just a bafflingly dumb call In my opinion. I mean and you know you hate to see rogers go out with such a great game when his counterpart didn't have near as game and is headed to the super bowl and i hear the fan. You know about complain about that. Pass interference call. Because it was a late whistle clearly. He clearly grabbed the jersey. Yeah so it wasn't like a phantom call. I understand the late west apart but even with that they still then. They're going to have to still that. Doesn't you didn't lose the game because of that call still would've had to drive the field and and put it in so there is still something there to that but not not taking the chance.

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