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You stand the caribbean has topped fifty at least thirteen of those in the us a florida keys hardest hit cbs's elaine kiana was in rim rod key the florida keys are one hundred twelve miles law but citing safety concerns officials are only allowing residents who evacuated to return just thirty three miles in those who did evacuate are trying to get in at a checkpoint near the upper keys residents slept in their cars and waited for hours justicy if they still have a home but his anxious residence lost patience tensions rose i have water i have i have dog and i can't get to my been the way power remains are for hundreds of thousands most of them in florida about six million homes and businesses still in the dark good but not nearly good enough says president trump now that the un security council is voted tougher sanctions on north korea the president said it was nice that the un security council voted fifteen did nothing to ramp up sanctions on north korea but he says the package which is own un ambassador called the strongest ever isn't strong enough those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen mr trump speaks to world leaders at the annual meeting of the un general assembly in new york next week steven portnoy cbs cbs news the white house edith windsor has died she was a gay rights activist whose landmark eishin the supreme court pave the way for legalization of samesex marriage nationwide she'd be a senior legal analyst andrew cohen explains at windsor was not trying to make a history situation out of her case she filed the lawsuit not because she wanted to be a cultural icon or the named plaintiff in an historic lawsuit not because of a headlines that because she wanted a tax refund and the laws at.

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