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And if you wanna keep discussing these things with us, we are available on the interwebs on Twitter on Instagram and on dad, she book echo is at echo, Charles. And I m at Jaakko Willink, and thanks once again to James and Jim Webb for their service and for joining us on the podcast to share their lessons learned it was an honor to be able to sit and talk with them. And thanks to everyone else that has served or is serving in the military around the world out there holding the line. And also, thanks to police and law enforcement firefighters paramedics EMT's correctional officers border patrol all the first responders everyone that is out there doing what you do for us on the home front. Thank you for what you do every day. And to everyone else that is listening. Thanks for listening. Thanks for supporting thanks for spreading the word. It is much appreciated and in the book fields of fire. One of the main characters Hodges in part of the book. He quotes an old him an old him that these thinking about in his head and that old him says time like an ever rolling stream bears. All it Suns away. They fly forgotten as a dream dies at the opening day. So there you go. A little reminder. A little reminder to all of us that time is fleeting. Time is short, and we only get so much. So don't wait around. Don't put it off. Instead get up. And yes. Get after it. Until next time this echo and Jaakko out..

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