Harassment, Congressman, Nancy Pelosi discussed on The C4 Show


Congress conyers is in the hospital accused of sexual harassment of women in office his lawyer now joining us from detroit congressman late last night was taken to the hospital shortness of breath chest pains lied had it and dizziness congressman john conyers um was walking around in this whole has felt live head if and they rushed into the hospital i don't have any grow the updates as to his in visu health wise but i will give them to you as they come to me i also would like to address i would like to also address nancy pelosi serve statement which i'm sure all of you off are aware of at this juncture calling on the congressman to resign first of all it is not up to nancy pelosi nancy pelosi did not elect the congressman is she shearer's hail won't be the one still the congress in its elite that decision won't be completely up to the congressman he's not bought about that he's thinking about his health he's thinking about getting wale that is the nave focus of the family they would ask through their privacy at this time while he is being treated he is still in hospital as we speak there are two my count five of these allegations against outflanking there are four three or four gives the congress at the end of the day i was suspected nancy pelosi is going to have to explain what is the discernible difference between now frank and and john conyers that is the question that she is going to have the answers and again he's not going to be pressure by nancy pelosi or anyone else who stepped down the decision will be made by congressman conyers as to what his next courses that will not be today that not be tomorrow the congressman again is concerned about his health justices family is concerned with itself and we would ask you all to respect his privacy route he had not alas video the ruling apparently well the news coverage by the congressman john young australia in the fight and addressed the uh the veracity of nece wall with regard to this latest allegation while is not the latest allegations she came out on national television and what she told america was that she loves working for the congressman she worked for the congress man and supposedly endured uh the.

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