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Wade numbers was bank demo I'm only a Francis heatwave gripping much of the country broke records over the weekend meteorologist bedroom drama Hari has more authority on Sunday climbed up to one hundred degrees that ties a record standing for the date since nineteen ninety one Atlantic city Kennedy also in Bridgeport Connecticut all these temperatures climbing just right around one hundred degrees in either tying or breaking records but this is a sort of a set up especially in an urban environment really is the concerning perspective because of course many of buildings we have class me of asphalt cement all of these really do a great job of trapping heat of course make cities and more populated regions bank much more unbearably religious report a cold front from the north expected to bring rain and some relief later today when Israel overnight work crews began demolishing dozens of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem neighborhood in one of the largest operations of its kind in years Israel says the buildings were erected to closer to the its west bank separation barrier residents say the buildings run once been gland in the Palestinian authority gave them construction permits Lufthansa has resume flying to Cairo following a one day suspension due to safety concerns more from bill Michael the German airlines website shows a flight took off from Frankfort after two hour delay and arrived in Egypt capital Sunday afternoon on Saturday British Airways announced the suspension of its flights to and from Cairo for seven days British Airways attributed its cancellations to what it called its concert review of security arrangements at all airports the U. S. warn citizens Friday about traveling to Egypt saying terrorist groups including ISIS committed.

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