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Am this portion of Rush Limbaugh is brought to you by the law offices of Michael Friedman call for ten three six three six eight four eight today you're hearing the most powerful names in talk Rush Limbaugh WCB you know this may be a perfect time actually for you to make your home safer you're there all the time in a home burglaries are are down because burglars don't really try to break into homes where they think people are country to popular opinion most burglaries happen a daytime when when the burglars in the bad guys think nobody's home and I know that people are home but the day's gonna come when you're not going to be how it may be time right now to seriously think about making your home safe for your apartment your condo what I'm talking about can be installed in a condominium or an apartment doesn't have to be freestanding house if you're like a lot of Americans encourages spend more time at home right now simply safe has a security system preconfigured pretested arrives ready for you to do the installation yourself and don't blanch at that they've eliminated all the wires that's why it's easy to install and by the way after you install it you're going to have a very knowledgeable working understanding of your system as opposed to standard system or somebody comes on the site survey and then they run the wires necessary to connect every sensor my gosh has lots of wires and sometimes you have to rip out walls to run the wires are put him on top of the baseboard if something goes wrong you gotta call those people come out and troubleshoot it not true was simply safe you can easily determine if a sensor is gone bad just replace it I use wifi to connect to the base station in the house which then handles calling the cops the security system fire department what have you it's it's an innovation takes the complexity out.

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