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And his case. It wasn't fifty miles. We literally moved into you. Know the space. Forty seven fifty sandhill. Where's dave a little office right underneath it. We office right. He's like. I want to be able to see what you come in and leave. I want to walk down the hill but the at the time argued with them. I'm like this like this is like so dumb. Like how boston's a great place and so on. And then you ask your later. And i would say there's something different about the The dynamics that allow for silicon valley to exist. It's funny when you to start really getting moving. And we started seeing people building real careers on youtube and so on this weird thing happen a lot of the move to la like a bunch of youtube creator all move. They didn't live in la and then we'll move and we'll why did they do that. Well in fact a lot of them live together. There's a lot of famous romances in marriages and out come out of that crew and but it was you know people like to be a bit around people a little bit density of the community and collisions. And all that that serendipity that occurs. I mean if you go to. There's ten thousand video editors and thousand operators who are available to you today to do a collaborative ration. We are at google at a very time. When i mean speaking and we're gonna date ourselves here but for young folks who are founders. Listening to this podcast used to be you had to come to live within x. Number of miles in your term. Sheet also founders. Who were young. I. i'm founders. Were not allowed to be. Ceo's of their companies and fact larry and surrogate google brought in professional. I'm using air. Quotes here eric schmidt and did a great job. They basically didn't think wall street will take larry surrogate seriously. They brought an eric schmidt. And then you were there with. Larry said you know what. I'm back in charge. I'm the captain now. And he had a view on remote work that he wanted to consolidate all the teams he was like enough of this distributed. Work i want maps and youtube and everybody in the same building and tell that story. Because i think it's pretty instructive. Oh boy this is So so you can be honest about it. Without burning burn relationship. With larry know they larry go to the best parts about larry. Is he tells you exactly what he thinks. And expect the same out of you. There's no there's no holding holding back. And i think is for anybody who spent time with. Larry he can make you think about anything. I mean he's got such a unique way of thinking about things. So as you described in twenty eleven. Larry took over as ceo made a bunch of changes. And he he turned us into business. Units like kinda crazy to imagine that like up to that point. We were like twenty thousand people and all of engineering. The products.

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