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This fall my kids and my grandkids are back out to play. This is a Scots yard. Now's the time to feed your lawn. Pick up a Bank of Scott's winter guard today. The house could soon release a number of documents related to its investigation into Russia election meddling house intelligence committee is preparing to release a batch of transcripts from interviews conducted as part of the panel's investigation into Russian meddling during the two thousand sixteen campaign. The committee voted Friday to release the fifty three transcripts which included interviews with Donald Trump junior. Jared Kushner attorney general Jeff Sessions, former FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe and others. The office of the director of national intelligence will now reviewed the transcripts before they release. Kenneth Moton, ABC news the capitol. Trump administration documents predict a significant increase in the global temperature by the end of the century in documents laying out a case to roll back stricter fuel economy standards for vehicles. The White House says a global temperature increase of more than seven degrees Fahrenheit is almost certain by twenty one hundred and therefore limiting emissions would not make a difference. That's according to the Washington Post, but experts say a seventy. Increase would be catastrophic creating millions of climate refugees, while swamping coastal cities seven degrees is more than double the limit set by the Paris climate accord from which the White House plans to withdraw Brian Clark ABC news Honda is recalling nearly a quarter of a million vehicles that could have problems with the software that runs the backup camera display. This recall affects twenty eighteen accords and twenty nineteen insights, this is ABC news parking downtown or heading out to an event. Download.

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