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Either pitcher couple of other guys getting saves. That people wouldn't expect Nick Birdie. Bu Rdi of Pittsburgh last year had like I don't know like seventeen strikeouts seven or eight innings but then got hurt he's Pittsburgh's closer in the SIM knocking on a Kayla again. Lose a job in real life but birdies getting the now. The white sox are gone with Aaron. Bummer who they gave a long term contract to in real life this off season and he is closing instead of Alex Yeah Colony was really not all that good does have three saves in the SIM in fairness. And but you're right leaning on bummer. A lot more Let's like Trevor got is is gotten the giants saves. He's got five not Tony Watson. Any thoughts of these guys birdie bomber. Anybody birdies arm may be worth throwing the dart add like Jairo de as an l. only in the reserves in the reserve rounds. I do think that is Kelly's job and I. I am a believer in Kelly where the SIM doesn't guts. I said well it's an interesting candidate. It's really wide open in San Francisco. That's one we're GONNA have to keep an eye on when the Spring Games resume right and I'm looking at the last game. That were played in the same nice shot by the phillies. Losing twelve to two phillies are like the worst team. In this thing I still don't know where kingery is the plan. That guy was on Boston's Rosser third base. They must have injuries. Because kingery must've gotten hurt and I haven't noticed anybody else but tons of home. Runs Cleveland scored? Twenty three runs at Boston I was looking at a similar dental number where I saw it. I guess it was enough. Sarah's there was a team that scored eleven runs in the thirteenth inning. And then in the bottom of the other team scored eleven runs so sims are all over the place for some of this stuff out of the park as well Just it's fun. It's fun looking at the stuff and seeing what you're doing so the Commission One of my leagues playing out our fantasy teams as a Sim. Even though we didn't draft them for the same. We drafted him for fantasy. Ocala bring this up because I want to get your opinion on this and I'll try not to say mean things too much but so the league in I in a bunch of leagues. This League is twelve team keeper. Sixteen teams I've been in a long time and all of a sudden somebody brings up something to vote on and actually passed for now. The vote was at a thirteenth keeper without notice would be a minor leager. He's not playing the major leagues at all. No pass no eatings. Nothing and I was like okay. That's not a bad idea. Got A couple. I've got on the rush Mond. Got Joey Barn. I could put one of them in that spot. The problem is they voted in for now. And I said I argued to the commissioner. Another guy said what are you nuts? You can't vote this today. Nobody prepared for this. You have voted for next season for twenty twenty one and an even if there isn't twenty twenty. I'm still not even sure you can have twenty twenty one. The point is not every team has a minor leager. And I didn't prepare my team to have twelve keepers if one of them is also the thirteenth minor leaguer. So my another guy. Who's a lawyer is arguing? You can't enact this for right now. The season's already started technically. There's no games but the season has started for twenty twenty and I'm like I don't WanNa play in a league like this and nobody likes me anyway. So they'd be fine if I quit but my point to you is. Would you have a problem with this? Big Vote now major problem with it. I think you have every right to object of interesting that you bring up the lawyer friend. Who's getting into the terminology of the Constitution? Of this league. And he's right to my take on that is and this is going to influence a lot of leagues. Especially if we do lose the two thousand twenty is how are keeper and Dynasty and Dynasty? League's going to deal with a lost year and how how players are going to be carried over and you and I also going to deal with this in our Sim Leagues is how are we going to deal with the potential loss season. My take is this season is already underway. The process is already under way. If you've started your seasonal process at all somehow because I guess you just made these decisions early and then okay but I think any change to a league. That's being done in year. A significant change like you describe must be a unanimous vote and I'm adamant that it must be unanimous. Yes.

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