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Intimidate in obstructs Justice to prevent a witness from testifying is an order so is a federal criminal investigation of booty Giuliani for witness tampering. Calling out a man's father in law and wife in order to intimidate the witness pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations is also pleaded guilty to lying to congress about Trump real estate project in Moscow evidence of suspected heroin has been found inside the Kane county jail sheriff Ron Haines organiz shakedown this week and housing units. In the King County jail has turned up nine small bags containing suspected heroin and phenomenal all the Kane county chronicle reports an Email from Hain defines a shakedown as an extensive. Search where everything's removed and replaced in a cell and all eighteen Baggies. Inspected heroin have been found this month. Hanes obvious reviewing procedures and possibly acquiring body scanner future. Contraband, Pat, Cassidy NewsRadio nine FM. New York state is embracing early voting most states allow early voting now New York has joined the club early voting is going to be transformative fourth assist legislation signed by governor. Andrew Cuomo allows for ballots to be cast up to ten days before an election. It also consolidates primaries into one election in June and it Preregister sixteen and seventeen year olds when they apply for driving permits. So they'll be automatically registered to vote when they turn eighteen a lot of states are making it harder to vote Cuomo said he says he wants to make it easier. Warren Levinson, New York branches opened a global youth rally and urged the next generation to build bridges not walls in a clear reference to President Trump's border wall to the US border with Mexico. The pope says these builders of a wall that will so fear are looking to divide people in box them in WBZ. News time seven thirty seven..

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