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Dave Freeman it's six thirty live from NPR news in Washington I'm Louise Schiavone vice president Mike pence says more Americans will have access to corona virus testing in the coming days with the rollout of the new private public partnership NPR's Allison Aubrey reports the head of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases Anthony found she says the US is moving into a new phase of testing in addition to state health labs commercial high speed testing is being rolled out making it possible to do thousands of tasks officials say priority will be given to healthcare providers and older Americans at higher risk so far there are about three thousand documented cases of corona virus in the U. S. though this case count is expected to go up as testing increases those unifies as Americans hunkered down to prevent the spread of this contagious virus Allison Aubrey NPR news Washington southeast Asian nations have reported a sharp uptick in corona virus cases over the weekend Michael Sullivan reports from Thailand the biggest jump over the weekend was in Malaysia one hundred and twenty five new cases reported today link to a religious event last week Thailand reported more than sixty over the weekend some local transmission some not Vietnam is dealing with a new cluster connected to an infected woman who returned earlier this month from London Europe now the epicenter of the virus Michael Sullivan reporting Wall Street another plunge expected the Dow down sharply this is NPR live from KQED news I'm Brian white San Francisco public schools are temporarily shut down for at least the next three weeks due to the spread of corona virus but students in need of a meal will still be able to pick up breakfast and lunch at select locations starting today KQED Shannon Lynn reports students eighteen and younger enrolled in city schools can pick up free breakfast and lunch at eight sites across the city school officials plan to add six more site starting Wednesday the district's Jennifer lebar expects to serve over eleven thousand meals twice a day for the next two weeks labarre says one out of five students in the district rely on school meals we don't want to lose that so that's where we're moving as quickly as we can to make sure that these opportunities are opening provided to our kids and it is possible the district is exploring options to provide dinner as well as extending service through spring break to the end of the shut down I'm channeling KQED news the Oakland west Contra Costa and Hayward unified school districts are also among those distributing food to students while schools are closed west Contra Costa superintendent Matthew Duffy plans to help distribute food at Richmond high school later this morning students can.

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