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The finisher at the end of games and that's why they have lebron obviously i think i do that why is that type of killer instinct i'm just i'm a little bit leery of of of paul george in i think i think he'll give you his his twenty points and that's fabulous for for what you know the lakers will need from him all right your san antonio guy got about a minute and a half left kawhi leonard what's his fate well he needs to go and unfortunately yeah i think san antonio needs to come up with a package with either the celtics or the lakers whoever decided to give them the best players in return and just be done with them because you mentioned this to jeff his his value isn't going to be as high come trade deadline once the season starts and the lakers are they going to even want him when they know they can get him the following year after during free agency so i i think the spurs if they want something in return get rid of them now and then move on i'm in agreement with with you here i think the lakers the smart thing to do would be drive up the price let boston trade away maybe bunch of guys for just wait to get in a year it makes no sense of trade away some of your young pieces would you know at least you can read the tea leaves that that kawais coming to los angeles now magic magic in a row pelinka might decide look we need to score this win now and just get quieter roster get lebron get paul george figure out the contract situation and go from there i think demarcus cousins ends up in dallas it feels like john john jordan maybe in in dallas as well danny i i really enjoyed this i know we are back at this again next week as well and coming up next on this on these airwaves red sox yankees and.

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