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It's episode of the strategic was recorded earlier this year in person at the Bush Center. Joining us today on the strategic is Bob Chapman CEO Global capital equipment firm Berry Way Miller named a top twenty five most audacious company for putting its employees I and he's also. The author of everybody matters the extraordinary power of caring for your. Family. We're with an. Audacious, company I wanted to make sure I got that word right Bob. Thank you so much spending few minutes. Pleasure to be here and our coast today is Lindsay Kanoute's in who is the director of our leadership programs at the Bush Institute Lindsey. Thanks for doing this. Thank you Andrew so happy to be here with Bob, so Lindsey heads up our leadership programs at the Bush Center which includes their presidential leadership scholars program, but dives into how to solve big problems by working. Working across our differences and our liberty and leadership program for young leaders in countries, transition to democracy. We have a we lead program for women in the Middle East North Africa Afghanistan understand to veteran leadership program works to support the men and women of our armed forces that are coming back to civilian life and Bob. Year. Mission really is in workplace leadership, which is where so many of us spend the majority of of our waking hours. So how did that become your mission? I started off. With a very traditional business education entered the business world with that foundation went into public accounting, then eventually got into our family business to try and give it a future. And took the tools of the education experience I hadn't tried to apply them..

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