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Alive or give them credit for and then you know fighting Leonardo Santos undefeated in the UFC wins over Kevin Lee Stevie Ray like his list goes on and on and he submitted GSP and a grappling match, flying armbar, which is incredible. So everybody's like man Here's a thought anybody. He hasn't fought anybody. It's like you guys are a bunch of casuals actually. Look at the people that I bought you doing the right thing you not get caught in any that bullshit but I don't even read the comments ban don't even look because I don't have enough followers yet to not see it. You know, like when somebody comments I'm like, oh what a my friends commented may never one of my friends. Do I do the first of all Grant look I met you when you were working at an old age home. Yeah like Bellator. Yeah. He's working and and like wage. I mean look at you five fights later. You're a fight winning streak. Yeah, I mean my my winning streaks 8, but any UFC doing you're doing everything right but I 5 a.m. Should give seats should put you in line for a title. I mean most of the time like that's the streak where you get the title shot at five fights. You know what I mean? How close are you do that? I mean, I think I'm going to get a ranked opponent next. We're calling for for clay Guida, but I think they'll give me a ranked opponent and and we'll go from there. It was so funny. Cuz I go. Hey man, great when he goes are you going to finally got a roast me now and like how long this one second left? So so here's the thing though you roast all the famous people and so when you start roasting me, that's how I know. I've made it. So I'm like, I'm on Adam I 1000% Where's your like your like you go? Yeah. You're right. Don't you one more fight Grant one more fight that I've made it and I've made an updated man. Now, where did you think of the aspirin? I know we know what she didn't tell her real fine job. Think about that fight the Jake Paul fight with baskaran. Yeah, man, everybody's like everybody's talking about this by everybody is, you know got their own opinions on this page. Like I think that's only makes boxing look bad, you know, everybody is saying like this makes the UFC look bad or MMA look bad and I completely disagree with that..

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