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Gray only on the blaze radio network pat gray is here on the blaze radio network triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three couple of days ago we played this really refreshing ad for governor in kansas from patrick shera just to remind you of what that was here's portion of the there's a new day ahead for cans a new era of growth forged by a new conservative leader patrick coop jim this is your typical campaign ad and i talked to these seniors because well seniors vote where i walk with my sleeves rolled this guy down to earth i laugh is i play a board game with my family read a book to these little kids and overused political buzzwords like sustainability community and future now that your typical campaign ad but i am not your typical candidate i'm a lot like you i've never held office i've ever even run for office today i believe political experience is the worst kind of experience and that's why i strongly support term limits to get rid of career politicians in both parties you know you know politicians have made politics a production and i've never known a production actually sold problems that we face today winded production in politics ever alleviate the pain the kansas families are facing today it's a great ad all right patrick jira joins us now on the blaze pat welcome to the blaze hey good to be here i'm ably fan we'll thank you you definitely got our attention with with that ad who conceive that was that was that done in a brainstorming session did you have a just a really good.

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