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And and you can see that their triple eight two eight three seventy seven two jamie in toledo ohio the city email ended up free you could send your emails and a lot of folks say well i don't want to really beyond the air or whatever you can always send in those emails and ask privately were always happy to help pistol jamie in toledo says my husband whose only twenty nine uribe man only twenty nine is suffering from restless legs syndrome in this little young in what can you do for it it is young but it's really it's not a question restless leg is not an issue of age k it's really an issue of what is your body getting and what is it not getting so russell sliced syndrome typically has to do with mineral deficiencies now keep in mind most of our minerals are found in vegetables like the highest content are found in our inner vegetables so keep this in mind like if one point five in this a truce detested by the way one point five percent of americans actually eat fruits and vegetables for real like i just said that and and it really is true i know it's like when i say that in in these sweet little eighty something's will tell me about how they beat investible of their whole life and i'm thinking well that's why you're eighty and that's your while your's smart suite little something right because you're eighty and back when you're young growing up everybody eight veg most people wait their vegetables right but that's not the world we live in now at one point five percent of americans eat it so it's a doctor's upon the hair out trying to your health hoping to get their patients this to do them and that one little thing can create so much for winning the game of health i mean in making sure that you get everything you need it it's vital but a lot of people don't do it nonetheless than that becomes a big challenge because it it really caused a major issue in the body can heal way needs to arrest us leg big time with magnesium and it's very big with calcium potassium so really a multimineral can be helpful.

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