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Previous caller we just had on who's working and we had another uh africanamerican man who said i'm a black man i'm a black seventy is old i'm a businessman i work for a living i've always worked for a living and i hope desegregate tulane university he said and i don't have enough time i'm working well god bless of nuts uh that's that's the message that we need now and we need it we're gonna need any more and more in the future what trump to give him advice i know you're not in a politics really but you're a you're e e e you write about issues that politicians do grapple with an you see it in this current um you know tempus in a teapot about the asshole comments of of trump but if you had to give him advice about how to cut through this now what would you tell him to do a girl who who uh to make the point with with uh respectfully even compassionately make the point that people in america now our free regardless of what the racial identity of background maybe they are free to be to participate in american life as citizens and as individuals and that the focus needs to shift that way that's where power is power is in the individuals desire to do something in life get ahead and make things happen for themselves um and in doing that the lift the entire group all boats rise um and i would take that all boats rise seen uh if i wouldn't if i were donald trump and uh it's also it's in line with with his own background women's own entrepreneurial spirit which is essential to the american identity um.

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