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The legendary rick flair we go back ric flair and i go back we go back first time ever met ric flair was in the rosemont horizon arena chicago no no no no chicago pavilion joe chicago bill down downtown yup so first time i've ever been to show and nineteen ninety brad muster was the fullback part eighty nine eighty nine because a photographic move eighty nine mind yet no you're right it was eighty nine it was eighty nine because brad muster had been he'd been drafted to the bears it was his second year he was a big fan of the sport and rick flair the nature boy was his favorite wrestler and he told myself neil anderson cat boso we're going down we're going to go we're going to go support ric flair we're going to be in his corner brad was into corner and we kind of worked our way we were in the corner we come out for the match so we meet rick and and bryant pill men who find brian cole i'm brian pelmet who played with john at my of ohio was there as well so we've got to talk to them and the the steiner brothers michigan men visine men rechsteiner brothers we're at that show as well so ms just felt like a minute felt like we knew people and then we come out for the main event the nature boy and brad muster myself neil anderson cappos so we got towel waving we're waving to towels and we're coming out and i was so exciting and and the the physicality of the show is unbelievable i mean you were cut up you had shares they were knocking chairs good your did and out of the rig they wrestling each other nature boy ric flair against each other in the main event i was wrestling team boat steamboat oh you would never you're nature boy wrestling steamboat yeah oh i see yeah that was fast forward to the packers and the forty niners playing playoff game at lambeau and our honor a captain guest speaker the night before the game none other than rick flair and we've had a lot of speakers come in and motivate the team and talk to the team nobody nobody received a better better ovation than rick flair and then nobody has put on a put on a talk that got the red blood pumping for the fellas and the team like like ric flair nobody does it better thank you you don't apply i don't even think we've got to my biz could have i for the recruiting day two years ago signing an hours they ran me out or charlotte after that i know you took a little here for that but oh man took a little heat these birth my room is he he has no hard feelings towards though we made sure that because we came to the ravens goodwood steve came to the ravens we he he became party what a dastardly act they burned your robe come on oh oh yeah steve steve bartlett at an auction for muscular dystrophy righty he bernard torn up in the bronx to the game great what state of my life but you guys beat them well i was arrested at story is putting your harvard so the rest of the story is i mean rick i mean rick recruited likes to panthers to you know he's putting but his he was you know get connected with us at the forty niners and and then we played the panthers the next was at the next week the very next we beat the packers and we played the panther next week year next week exactly thank god rick you've got to save my ass you've got a phenomenal history of wrestling it so i'd like to dig into that a little bit i read that you wrestled in north korea in front of almost two hundred thousand people under ninety thousand yeah how was that would that would be the second thing you don't to do besides be beyond beyond live or they're here did you meet you know goes over i got talked into going ahead thing i really ali mohammed ali and with a peace deal right and we know put together by with force to be me ted turner jane find jimmy carter and of course at.

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