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The unions come back to their sixty game proposal with full pro rated salaries and expanded playoffs the next two seasons the players felt the sixteen number was too few games and they responded with a seventy game proposal something commissioner rob Manfred says he told Tony Clark the union chief was impossible given the calendar and the public health situation he's not been happy with the lack of progress in trying to get a contract extension or down to your chance safety Jamal Adams has reportedly requested a trade Dr Anthony Fauci says he doesn't feel the NFL season will be able to be played unless the ship to that one city bubble like set up such as the NBA is doing Dr Allen sills the NFL's chief medical officer responded by saying they will be flexible to adjust to the virus as needed and the SEC says unless Mississippi changes its flag which includes the Confederate emblem they will reconsider hosting any conference championship events in the state that sports Frank Garrity NBC news radio awful news breaking news traffic weather depth perspective on news ninety three point one KFBK the late music maestro Barry white woman with an orchestra my sweet summers we motor rotation here a couple of a couple of tweets here from the president says Toni found she has nothing to do with NFL football the NFL planning a very safe and controlled the opening however if they don't stand for our anthem and our great American flag I won't be watching R. what if they and I know this is going to happen they're going to need the cultures are now saying they're gonna lead the kneeling mark Cuban does Dallas what the Mavericks he's got a nail that the NBA stars why they're all gonna kneel everybody's gonna be mailing I don't care what they say it's about there's one thing it ain't gonna do and that is it ain't gonna unify anybody about anything and so everybody knows that so what the hell is the actual objective of kneeling during the anthem if you're one of the hello going to happen anyway.

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