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We had another one where we were in line in the bathroom and we were talking about pace of play as we had to act for those like john. Kelly was kind of directing us and how to act in. We saw through the like through a bush with ferte. And you guys. Yup barstool production by by francis. I'm pretty sure somebody like was typing and ferret he was just roasting the guy for like how like he was typing. I remember getting roasted ronin. Caleb by the water cooler he was really good at. So you've done you've done a good amount of action. We've got a nice list. Yeah i must forget it. Why am i forgetting the actor's name from She's out of my league. The the skinny guy Great movie i like that movie task movie but barish Something baron jay bash up for so just real quick story when we did this as barstool. He came in and we were doing like a skit for like basically they were like you can come in and do a skit. with francis and francis like wasn't there that day and i remember them being like frankie. Can you do this because they were promoting the movie goon to it was like colton nor and j barrack show and they're like right frankie come up with a segment and i remember sitting in one of the radio rooms at the head of the table and i had a professional hollywood actor. Who's been in some of my favorite movies like that. Guy's a fucking. He's really good actor in a lot of comedies. And like nor was there and a bunch of other people. And like right frankie. What's the plan in who twenty two years old. I'm like well you know we're just going to start out in the living area around here by the water cooler. I remember like someone we basically like took ideas from other ones. Someone like went went to the water cooler and then colton colton. Like body slammed him. It was a h- it was a horrible skit. We got through it. I remember them being like. This is amateur hour. I was directing them around so and a little bit more in this. Take you that that guy. Jay is like best friends. Was seth rogan. He works with like the writer in hollywood and meant. He's got frankie really at the head of the table. Like here's what we're gonna do. I was like if the chips explode. When you get into into. I think that would add some effect. He's like. I can't explode the chips it's doing interviews and that is barstool sports gentlemen so yeah threat you do have a good line I think this is all about. Owens mixers so go drake's at the end of the day. That'd be lovely for everyone. Okay all right number. One piece of news john deere classic this week Number one news. Your classic t v major obviously a little screw because it's before the week for the open championship. But i just wanted to bring that up. I know you guys are probably gonna bring up anyway. But i wanted just to shed light on the fact that the fifth major is this week got tough five top guys in the top fifty or i saw like top defending champion from the cactus or something like that which our john john deere classic. I got it right here in front. Thanks i think. Mr mr cakes is frankie. Likes to call him sunjay. Can people know that dude. Got just the fattest ass on tour and daniel berger is absolutely cheeked up. I could not stop looking at his ass when we were at torrey pines..

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