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Is 888321, as is 888321 as is portions of the following program will be recorded that well, I'm gonna call our musical director heard came from her kitchen, Laura spinning the disks. Let's go back to the phones online, Adriana From tyrant North Carolina. Hello, Adriana. Hello, Lou. I have a question, but I wanted to say I'm actually a long time. I guess listener and watched you for the past 20 years. That's a long time is right. I remember you from the days of Prem's favors my question to you as being a first time caller. It is my lady. Oh, yes. Good. We have psychology to we love We love arson ology. Tell me about yours. Mine and idea to 14 s E And I've had it for five years because it came out in 2014. I know that. That's how you can tell with this technology naming conventions, so I went ahead and I got one. It's running fine. One would yes, clever. I feel like a massive plate where I'm probably ready to transition into something and I have flecks on it. So nice to have you back up everything because you only have two drives in that one, right? Correct. And so I'm not sure what you get because I'm so overwhelmed with the choices that knowledge So I thought I'd call you good. So we should explain. Sin ology makes network attached storage devices with these are the really computers but their computers. It's like a muscle man that has the biggest arms and little Teen legs. It's Ah, It's a computer with the keyboard, master monitor and kind of a weak process or decent but weak, really what it is a big storage device and sin ology is usually have multiple drives. You have the smallest kind, which is a two drives technology. But they I think and go up to 32 drops that they're gonna recommend that I you know, and the naming of technology is helpful. To cut through all this because I will tell you how many drives total you could have. I could have, by the way is important because some of these support expansion chassis is so you can get, for instance to bay 7 20. 20 being the year so it's the current year. But but women's to base What's the seven? Will you can an expansion that would last another five drives, So that's a little deceptive. The reason you want multiple drives is for two other two reasons, capacity and redundancy. Capacity because of course more drives means more storage. You're putting movies and TV shows on there, so clearly more storage would help. If you're backing up all your systems. More storage would help you might try to figure out how much storage you need. And then redundancy is the other reason because you could set it up with sin ology that if a drive fails, I say I have a five drive. For instance, if one of those drives feels I can pop it out, put in another one. It'll rebuild, and I haven't lost any date. I don't have to turn off to do that's called hot swapping. You could even say, And I think I have on my psychologies used to drives for identity. So in order for me to lose data on that I would have to have two drives fail at the same time. So that's that's reassuring, Esso. I think a little bit bigger for you. Ah, 15 20, for instance, would be. Ah, good way to go. That would give you five drives. And you know it scale up to 15 with you Never gonna do that. Remember the cost of the device? That's just the enclosure. You have to add five drives to it. You could take the drives from existing psychology. Okay, but you will have to rebuild the data. So you want to copy the data off of it before you move him over and then and then create a fresh sin ology. They do have less expensive ones like the 4 18 couple years old. Generally with a less expensive ah, the same software. You could put the same drives in it. The microprocessor and there is not as powerful That's the price that I actually have something more powerful because you're using clicks. Something. Yeah. Plex, for instance, does trans coding so you probably noticed that you can have something on your plex server? It's four K, but when it plays to your phone, it will Transcoder on the fly into a lower quality appropriate for the phone. And so that is a very CPU heavy thing that that's you know, a lot of times you sting back up the processor speeds, not important. But if you're using your psychology or any mass for more than that, something like a plex or maybe a Web server. If you're doing more with it than just backup, there may be a faster processor makes a difference. I'm a fan of the plus Siri's I have 2 15 15. So the reason I have to is because I'm a nice guy. And this is another thing to think about with cost. One of the nice things you could do with these is you can have one at home and one at work, and they will automatically coffee, one of the other their synchronized. So I have that gives me off site storage as well. So I have my plex and everything at home. But in the background, it's copying its synchronizing copping it over backing itself up in other words, to the drives at at work, So when I got a newer psychology is actually do have a 15 19. I got the new one. I took the 15 15 work and have it be my slaves. I shouldn't use that word in my Back up for the main drive. So what I can't do or tell me that possible. So my existing drive that I have on my server right now, If I were to buy the 15 20, I would not be able to take those two drives into that or what I'd be ableto what in Syria, you could and add three drives and it would rebuild, but I would back it up. As if something goes wrong. You'll be sorry there is, In fact, we'll put a link on the show notes. Psychology has a help file on how to do this, and they say it's possible so I believe them, you could migrate them. But read up on it first, and I still think they still think it's a good idea to back it up just in case, but I think you're believing it. Yeah, Yeah, This is great because for people don't know Plex lets you put your movies and TV shows on there. And watch them anywhere. Even over the Internet. You know, it becomes your own media servers. There's a really nice I'm a big fan of plex. Do you have it set? So the plex is also a DVR for you? Because you can get with appropriate hardware. You could make it be your DVR. I have not done that. I have looked into that I was so proud of myself that I was able to see about six years ago. Depressed. I'm impressed, man. I thought I thought I couldn't do it. And I thought it was like I got to figure out how to do this. And I did You watch a lot of videos, right? No, no, I like the network administrator in our household. Really? My whole family unit. So actually the person that people are you did it because of you. I wanted to say thank you so much. And I think you helped So many people out there people all the time. You know if you ever get you really should watch videos are checking online. Thank you. I really appreciate it. We're going to put a Lincoln to show no to tech guy labs dot com. Or you could just Google Sin ology. How to migrate between sin ology Nass. And it talks about the steps to take to take those two drives. Put him in the new as add three more if you're going to have five drives five dress nice. I really like it. It's expensive because you gotta buy the $600. And then you have to put hard drives in it. But you least you got to.

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