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Low thirty one chance for some flurries. Tomorrow butter coating of snow high near forty forty right now in Bethesda forty one at Reagan national relief fund, Washington, small L Liri O'Connor show. AM six thirty. I'm going to be honest. I really I'm trying to figure out about this story. Why? I hate to put it that way. Because you know, this brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi is despicable horrible. It's obscene. It's obscene as all of the horrible brutal murders that have been carried out by regimes like Saudi Arabia's for decades and decades and decades. And we haven't had a United States senators standing up and demanding that the current administration completely changed our relationship with that regime, not to the level that they have over Jamal Khashoggi. Here's the here. This has got to be strongly condemned by the administration strongly condemned. And then there's got to be a price to pay for what has happened. I know that they have to have exactly the same intelligence that we have. And there's no way that anybody with a straight face say there's any question about what has happened. So listen, I have no doubt that Senator Graham is telling the truth. I think that it probably was incredibly compelling evidence. That suggested that the crown prince Saudi Arabia was involved in the murder of Jamal kashogi. And. Before him. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia was responsible for the murders of untold people for the crime of showing too much skin on the beach or being homosexual or being a woman who was raped, but there weren't enough witnesses to prove the rape. And so that woman was murdered and stoned to death for committing adultery. This is what happens in these countries. And that said sadly Saudi Arabia's probably are the best bet we've got over there with regard to an Arab ally in the Middle East. Obviously Israel is our number one ally. But is this new didn't Franklin Roosevelt called Joe Stalin? Uncle joe. Because we needed him in World War Two defeat. Hitler, didn't Richard Nixon. Get friendly with Mao Tse Tung, the dick Nixon didn't know that Mao had been responsible for the murder of untold millions of Chinese, and I am not trying to diminish that it's horrible. But I also recognize that we live in a world where it's complicated. Sometimes the international relationships that we form. And what's best for America needs to be brought into focus here, by the way. And again when I say, why don't I care about this? I'm not suggesting that I don't care about the Myrtle Jamal kashogi. But, but the fact of the matter is this universal praise of this man as some kind of martyr on behalf of of the first amendment and American journalism is a little overwrought. I mean, let's just be real here. First of all, yes, he was an American resident he he he was resident of this country for about a year. For about a year. Okay. And to call him, a journalist is not really telling the whole story. The man was an activist on behalf of Islamism. Political Islam, which I read many many many columns that he wrote for the Washington Post. His byline is up there. All right. It's pretty clear that he was in full support of political Islam. And to that end. He was a full throated supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in organization that I believe and most Americans believe. Responsible indirectly connected to radical Islamic terrorism. I'm not trying to diminish his murder, which was brutal. But at the same time, let's tell the whole story and to just describe him as American journalist Jamal kashogi is at at. I'll be generous is not entirely truthful. And it's for a reason because the media their argument here is let's have the narrative be Trump doesn't care about the murder of an American journalist. That's what they're trying to do. When we stand up and say, okay, we're outraged by this. It's an abomination and America, the Trump administration must do something and say something as you just heard Senator Graham say there the question is what what are we supposed to do? We won't do business with Saudi Arabia, and we're going to cut off ties with them until this guy is removed. How does that happen? Exactly. How does one remove the crown prince of Saudi Arabia who executes that order literally? I mean, this is a brutal monarch his lasted decades by being brutal within Saudi Arabia and without. Yeah. Think the crown prince has Agra's going. Okay. Well, when you put it that way, Lindsey Graham, I'm outta here. No, it'll get bloody. And we don't know who replaces him, and let's not forget this is the guy who came to office or came to the throne. I should say by putting members of his own family in jail. Accusing them of corruption and he may have been right about that in some of the first things that he did once he took over the throne was to loosen up laws. Like, hey, we're going to let women drive cars now. I mean, how do we really know what's going on? In that very mysterious government. And what are we supposed to do? Do. We have a very good track record when we step up and say to Middle East countries. Hey, we don't like your leader. Get rid of him. It doesn't always work art in our favor Fe, and Woodbridge we're gonna start with you. You're on wwl. Oh. Oh, hi. I wanna say that. There is a limited. So how much we can interfere in other countries? You know, this this man, Mr.. He was. American citizens. Been a. Residents illegal. But nevertheless, he was a Saudi citizen and. And so he must from that country. I haven't seen such a big deal made about even Americans who've been brutally murdered abroad. Very bad shut this specialist, but this show the broader thing that these people who are clamoring for us to do something about the Saudis. They are not really interested in the broader interests of this country. They just want to see our alliances department because they do not want..

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