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Zero K. and S. T. that eight eight zero fifty six seventy eight coming up a little bit later on we are going to talk to you about the effects T. V. as apparently having us and in order to do this study that she went to a group of people who don't watch TV because I don't have it and determine how it it messed with them and you think about that by the way you talk to people who don't have TV and then they let them watch TV they work it out there and then they took the TV away what's more cruel you have to wonder about them anyway we'll talk about that that's coming up later on we have been talking about these other videos for rain they that you know the doorbell videos there outside your house ports pirates the captain catch but the kids people driving by and on the street the like and more than four hundred police agencies across the country have access to these videos what you post you have to post them for them to have access to they can't just control your camera and the ACLU says that's bad because they're the ACLU and they don't have anything better to do when you get your reaction to this let's talk to crank online one a Craig urine chain STA I'm seven ninety with Casey item okay say I want to let you know that yeah I mean they did to the ring that he I actually have but yeah I scanned and I recorded an accident that occurred at ball playing and swine with running a red light you kill the driver that he had and his attorney took the case to appeals because he said that I did not get the consent of the other driver to be courted him therefore the video which I gave to the cops would not admissible and they went through a lot of the appeal jeopardized case alive for a while the party got convicted but you might get what made you know the all right that's all that's just legal games is all that is I mean I understand that it happened and and I and I believe you are not to question your but that's just legal games and legal legal maneuvering on the part of the does sleazy defense attorney because in that you don't have to get somebody's permission on a public street if you're right yeah I know and you have no expectation of privacy yeah and that's why I like what your statement about that is that a good driving on the road good in London campus and we were there wow these guys will cover everybody and they don't care the people are used to the walk around London there's thousands of dinars everywhere and asked will you walk around you should get recorded and you should get recorded I don't know if you think it and I you know that's a little bit different thing you should be recorded as opposed to you are being recorded I mean if you're on a public star you're just a yeah so that you don't want regardless of what's going on yeah exactly yeah but but if I am not a public street it and saying that you know they should be able to use a video camera proving that I was on the street would be the same as saying that they shouldn't be able to talk to a witness who saw me on the street because they had no business looking at me good I mean it's just it's just that the women there or engine trying to make the point that doesn't have any exit exactly and you know what you're dealing with and Craig thanks for calling K. an S. T. A. M. seven night which you're dealing with your are sleazy defense attorneys and the ACLU tights and the those the people who don't who work over time who work overtime in order to try to make sure that people who are breaking the law or are doing something wrong can get away with breaking the law or doing something wrong these are people who work for the greater good of humanity they work for the greater good of bad people and it's like I said you know saying that you should be I would I would I want to be having access to a camera in my house that was looking inside my house that's too much because it sometimes I walk around NYC not because I think it's worth seeing because sometimes I get out of the shower and I forget to bring my clothes and with me so it happens there I did not try to show up it does happen but I wouldn't want anybody being able to look at that because quite honestly I don't even when that's a certainly want my wife looking at that the light should be out the window should be drawn you know every every thing that could cover that up should cover that but if you are walking around on the street and there's a camera like I said to Craig it would be the same as saying I witness accounts don't work or eyewitness accounts shouldn't be allowed because even though they saw me walking on the street they had no right to see me walking on the street they have no right to or business telling people they saw me walking on the street therefore their testimony is invalid public street public play and again if you're mad about this I you would be completely shocked as to how often you are on camera it's not constant like some people would have you believe there are some places in some parts of the world where and the country rather where you're not on camera but if you're in a place that is at all populated I am here to tell you you are all on camera and if you don't like it there really isn't a damn you could go get off the grid and live in the mountains somewhere because there's not a damn thing you can do about it especially if you're out in public and if you go into somebody's business they have security issues there's cameras everywhere they can see that you're in there buying things and even if you don't want people to know you're buying them too bad there's no way to avoid it I eight zero Candace T..

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