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Shutout to Chris Wittingham who is on this. Zoom Co host of a popular Chelsea. Podcast called Chelsea Mike W should check it out. That's a perfect play. By the way on a plugged as it is. Thank you Chris. So what happened with the Red Sox is that? He said that he wanted to go to a big market team. And Bud silly at the time spoke to the owners and said this is perfect. He spoke to a small group of us. Who are the small revenue owners? The way he had been with Milwaukee he said we will have one of us on the other side so bud thought that having John Henry Own. A big market team was perfect because he was a big time. We'll small-market champion and therefore we would have one more vote when there would be fights amongst the owners. There's no way there's no way I'm sure that was the thought. There is no way once he started owning the red sox and seeing what that cash cow was doing that he stayed a champion for small market causes. Well one of the big issues between the Red Sox of Major League Baseball to this day is the fact that John Henry disappeared. He became the biggest big market bully in in all of baseball worse than the Yankees worse than Frank mccord worse than the dodgers John. Henry became an animal about big. I just hated the small markets and tried to squash squash US squish us. Every moment he could one of bud ceilings again. Will you admit these things who knows what by but bud wrote a book and it didn't mention this part? One of his biggest disappointments was how John Henry went to the dark side and went so far to the dark side that it was almost unrecognizable man. So do owners still to this day. That grudge with John Henry or so much time has passed. That it's just sort of is what it is at. This point is a lot of new owners. So Derek jeter Bruce. Sherman couldn't care less. They don't know John. Henry is a small market guy. They know big market behemoth so when when ownerships change those sort of things go away but like Rob Manford people. In the Commissioner's Office. They have long memories and they remember John. Henry is eccentric guy so I got to know him through the negotiation he and I had a very difficult relationship because I did. The majority of the negotiating with his people who were Lucinda treats to work for the MARLINS and David Ginsburg who is vice chairman for the Marlins and then it goes were very difficult is John. Henry and Jeffrey Loria were both completely irrational. In how they wanted this franchise swap to work so John. Henry would call one day and say by the way. We're taking Josh Beckett with us. And and.

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