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Twenty I'm Stephanie Davis for W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty clouds will thicken up tonight we have more snow on the way into tomorrow morning I'll have the details of the complete accu weather forecast coming up all righty thank you Brian Thompson we will see snow and we'll tell you all about it in full forecast as you mention at ten oh eight current temperature in the city of Detroit with thirty six degrees under mostly clear skies W. W. J. news time ten oh three in Lansing Republican senators are out with a five point plan to re open businesses open Michigan safely proposal is calling for some parts of the economy to open right now this for businesses who can keep distance between workers and have protection equipment but also when coronavirus cases and deaths fall for five out of seven days and the healthcare system is below seventy five percent capacity the phased in openings could continue until there's no active spread for thirty days or a vaccine has been available for thirty days the thing is it's really not clear when that would be and there's no timeline on the proposal Jason Scott WWJ newsradio nine fifty there are now over twenty nine thousand two hundred positive coronavirus cases in Michigan the state says there were one thousand two hundred and four new cases confirmed today breaking down the numbers Detroit has the moles with seven thousand three hundred and eighty three cases and five hundred and forty six deaths elsewhere in Wayne County it is five thousand six hundred and nineteen confirmed cases and four hundred and thirty five deaths Oakland county is up to five thousand seven hundred and seventy eight cases and four hundred and twenty who have died Macomb county has three thousand nine hundred and ninety two positive cases and three hundred and fifty four deaths you can find a full rundown.

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