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How long have you been meditating not long not long i i hadn't done it previously i've i've probably been doing it for three months now i have you noticed anything like is what are you noticing i notice a lot more energy throughout the day because i honestly i couldn't tell you why good science but at some point just being in don't even think about it as meditating and i think a lot of people which is i think a lot of people get lost in the translation you know when you say meditating i think a lot of people think of that as crossing your legs and being like in your element or whatever that is with meditation music in the background it's baggage within word yeah exactly and for me it's just kinda chillan and just like realizing that nothing else is going on i can just let my mind wander it just really sets the tone for the day and then at night when i do it again it let's my mind wander and then i'm able to fall asleep easier because i've already thought about everything that might keep me up and i've just kind of brushed it off and a really good way the andy kind of talks about it and he put a comb he talks about it as you know cars and traffic whether you're going to go out and traffic in risk being hit by car to slip the cars pass and that's kinda your thoughts just going pass and letting your thoughts pass and yeah every every once in a while it's good to acknowledge some of those thoughts while you're having him but at the same time there's there's a lot of those thoughts negative thoughts that you really don't wanna pay attention to it just don't serve enough quality you know they'll serve up enough quality.

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