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Kevin Coleman good morning Kevin Dave thanks for having us it is a tradition we've done it for years which I love I have to tell you we always kind of kick off this season and or when I'm when I'm filling in for Lou about cleaning your grill and prepping it for the season right I mean you know I don't I mean seven years we've been talking about that seven years old we wouldn't we made a difference in people's lives by helping them clean get their growth up to speed so that way they can enjoy a cool summer barbecuing and have no old performance issue all right here's my confession here comes I I have done some light cleaning I have never even though we talk about it every year I have never completely torn apart the girls so that I get and I gotta tell you how important this is to our listeners to sow wheat my son and I pulled everything out every part every piece and you have a video I believe it's on Facebook at and Weber dot com on how to properly clean the grill the grades we're that we're the actual flames are coming from the direction that you have to brush things so it doesn't fall inside my grill is nine years old I am not kidding you it has never I'm an idiot that I have not done this before because in his never perform better it's never been as hot it is never been is even like yes cleaning your grill is critical you're absolutely right that's one thing that I get it people don't like to do it but it's one of those things that once you do it once you see it doesn't take that much time but using you know taking the greats out take the flavors of ours out cleaning all annexation without cleaning off the burner tubes right making sure everything's firing correctly the food cooks faster the food taste better and that's that's important for some people you know they they don't have the time but luckily for us now we have way more time at home so there is no excuses nine years ten years not a part of a vast area people don't clean but yet to do that it adds your performance and it also helps with with the longevity of your girl **** **** speaks volumes that you had your girl nine years haven't cleaned it still was working pretty solidly and in maintaining that just speaks for the waterfall absolutely does well you know and again I the fact that now I've cleaned it and now I know I'm going to do it probably you know again if you this season probably get at least next season is that I'm not cleaning up nine years of of gunk in there it should be a little bit easier going and by the way if you get a cut question for Kevin or your grill three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred send your questions in and will we'll put you on air and talk about that now there's only two ways to grill really the charcoal grills and the gas grills but we just read a a a a promotion for the new girl that you guys have out yes well we have electric grid gas rhetorical and now we have a brand new small part telegram which makes growing extremely easy you can control the actual smoke per unit from your phone you can bring the temperatures up as the smoke speech here which will give you more smoke flavor on your grill ones on a Weber connect so basically it's like picking my brain and putting it into this controller and actually walks you through completing your food down one to forget want to take it off did you EPA like if you're driving to Chicago from the suburbs like I do usually in the summer when I come and see you guys it gives me the yeah one of those to be there in a half hour thirty five minutes whatever it does the same thing for pork shoulder chickens prescription so we've taken all this great technology put into this unit and it's true one of those game changing products but what I love about it is the goal continues to evolve so we continue to update the applicant programs which features and so this will truly chases perfection and that's what I love about it but it's it's a grill I mean you can do your basic grilling on there but you can smoke on their wealth as well which is just I mean it's all purpose so when you hear about pellet grills and all this other stuff I mean this thing does everything yeah it doesn't let you do your having cooked on almost every single public role in the market place to have a grill that can cheer and caramelized like a traditional Weber gas grill or charcoal grill is fantastic and it still gives you that great moment small smoking consistency for doing pork shoulder ribs and chickens but what's truly remarkable about this product which is not my haven't seen out there is how it gets to five hundred fifty six hundred degrees I consider a steak like you would find at a steak house which is absolute marble for alcohol so we're extremely happy with that I'm a proton I'm actually sitting outside right now in short of mine with a pork shoulder running at two hundred fifty degrees so not only do I talk about about actually using it you're doing it you're doing yeah I went to an event I think it was last fall where you were cooking all kinds of stuff on and people don't realize it's not just about cooking meats and maybe some vegetables out there I mean obviously you guys you do breakfast on there but you also do you do you do pizzas I mean you really treat it like an oven well I mean and that's and that's you know we're fortunate because Weber designs or products for took almost anything that you do inside of your house outside under roads of peaches are definitely one of those fun things of the the great thing about Chicago is you get to the debates about what's better Chicago style pizza that sort of bass we have some of the best restaurants here but what I love is traditionally move on that is you can order your par baked pizzas you can go and you can order them and you can you can design it however you want to take a home we put him on your grill you bring about the temperature and all of a sudden now you've got this beautiful piece of that you have at home but you wouldn't have to do that much work for you which regional rob you do your thing crust pizza you know you make your goal and so do impedes on the girls fantastic breakfast absolutely you're breaking your sausage you know you get a great all then all the sudden now you can do pancakes you can do perhaps hosting so that's I mean if you could show anything you want to do you can't and that's what I love about the summertime and these girls is so now I don't have to do it inside I don't have to make and that's with everybody getting all together now I'm sure you know that yeah interacting with each other more in so being able to get outside and can actually sneak away a little bit helps I'm gonna grab a couple calls here Guido you're on seven twenty WGN you got a question regarding cleaning your girl I do happy Memorial Day fellows at you know what I only know one Guido and I think I know which one this is we don't want money right from club Lago how you doing buddy I'm doing well I am legitimately thrilled to hear this question because so we are absolutely Webber all the way I am a terrible guy my wife bought a web order gas grill that I fought for years and now I finally start up and converted my question is if there is sort of a weak spot if you if you ask the grill the gastro with your hand and there's a spot that is definitely not as hot as other spots how do I specifically take off a little flavor bars or whatever active faults I have just started button and I'm a troglodyte with like Candyman ability so I've done that so how do I six a cold spot sure there have been hot spots when I would recommend is one taker the greater the flavors of ours out book at the actual border too because what can happen to call it stealing and so some of the impurities in gas start to close up the ports on the tubes a little bit so they're not as open as they would so what I would do is take a a clean stainless steel brush and just scrape or hurt you know move back and forth like you're brushing your teeth all the ports are echoing some of those are your thing I would recommend is we're creatures of habit right and so when you grow most of the time I put everything in the center both flavors are bars might have a little more schmaltz on on the outside installed actually take the inside wants to live outside outside inside we worried about the cold spots about the hot spots if you will you can always do a blood test and so you take pieces of bread put that over the actual cooking great shut your you know your girl took put him on there with them and you can actually see with those hot spots and cold spots are because sometimes it could be due to the wind sometime it could be just because of the show what's on there like they said he had a clean has a nine so the error that confectionaries of moving around the unit is fastened selected because of the performance issues but for the majority time the hot spots aren't necessarily going to be as big as you take now one way to really get away from that a little bit if you have cast iron grates inside of your grill because we changed it so well that it does have a pretty good job of creating even that's across the country so those are the couple things I would recommend if you're if you're trying to get the most out of cold spots we are you are are you opening cooking today are you back at it tomorrow July does does today we are back at it tomorrow doing a couple neighborhood deliveries this week and we're actually doing a couple kind of buildings but today I mean I'm open and took it to help yeah I got I got yeah I can drink that tomato sauce pal so what Lago club Lago dot com you want or from great agreed thanks a lot buddy have a great day take care fellas urea I take care make your own seven twenty WGN you got a question for a cabin Hey Kevin Victor okay I've got a twenty year old Jenner but the side burner and the bottom of it has rusted apart I need a bottom plate that goes live by D. well is there can I buy one or is there a place I can take it the grill and have it repaired so are you saying the bottom the cook box of the genesis is rusted out toward the side burners was about the inside weights were you with that the tank has rusted out sure the frame is what you're saying that's great but if the piece of the old that was painted and it's just rusted where the the propane tank the got it so what I would what I would recommend to that is if you go on Peter Weber dot com or call customer service.

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